BBS RS-GT | What Makes it Special?

BBS wheels are among the most iconic and best-known alloy wheel brands on the planet, world-renowned as much for their styles that have influenced generations of copycats and tireless dedication to performance as for their motorsports success.

BBS embodies the “often imitated, never equaled” mantra. BBS alloy wheels are manufactured using some of the most advanced techniques in the world. Lightweight, exceptionally strong and ideal for street or for track.

Such statements are all true for the RS-GT.

The RS-GT is the lightest 2-piece wheel in BBS’ roster today. It boasts titanium bolts and individually machined rims for optimum weight savings. The face has eight deep forked spokes crafted in a stunning design and die-forged aluminum construction.

The BBS RS-GT is a 2-piece wheel designed to make you fast. And yet, your car would also stand out even if it is just parked when sporting these wheels.

It is available in custom finishes tailored to your specific vehicle. Completed with a glossy protective top coating and DEM analysis optimized weight, you can enjoy excellent style and performance that will last for years and years.

With the RS-GT as a demonstration, BBS continues to transfer race car technology and race-bred performance to road wheels designed for the latest high-performance luxury automobiles. 

BBS always pushes itself to set new standards, aiming to radically reduce wheel weight while ensuring absolute concentricity, perfect balance, and the stability its reputation has been built upon. The RS-GT is the embodiment of it all!