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Why Install Nitto Terra Grappler on My Truck or SUV?

The Terra Grappler all-terrain tire works year-round with a balance of wet and dry performance and on-road comfort and quietness. Designed for use on trucks and SUVs, the Terra Grappler All Terrain provides balanced performance in all weather conditions over various terrains.

Whether you want to blaze your trail or plan your off-road adventure down to every epic waypoint, you probably want a tire that balances aggressive off-road performance with a comfortable ride on the paved road that takes you to the trail. 


  • Strong all-terrain traction in mud and sand provided by staggered scalloped shoulder lugs.
  • Coupling joints between its tread block stabilizes faster steering responses on and off the road.
  • For strong off-road traction and reliable all-season performance, angled lateral grooves channel water and mud away from the contact patch.
  • Dual sidewall designs, with smooth lettering on one side and ribbed lettering on the other, let you pick the look you want for your light truck or SUV.
  • Each Grappler has two sidewall designs, so you can choose how your tires look. On the Terra Grappler, one side has solid outlined lettering, and the other has serrated lettering.
  • Deep sipes and lateral voids effectively channel away water. Siping helps resist hydroplaning by cutting through pockets of water on road surfaces. This technology provides all-season traction.
  • The lugs on the shoulder are staggered to improve traction in deep sand and loose dirt.
  • Excellent traction on dry, wet or snow-covered road surfaces.
  • Handles well on light off-road terrain
  • The steering response is above average.
  • Very comfortable on the highway despite being an AT tire
  • UTQG rating: 500 A B

Designed for confident performance on any surface, the Terra Grappler sets the traction you need for dynamic off-road driving situations while keeping you comfortable when you're boulevard-bound. 

You might wonder how the Terra Grappler became synonymous with all-terrain and all-season performance. The truth is, it's all about design. 

And to ensure confidence in any weather conditions, these Terra Grappler tires feature dense sipping patterns that provide reliable traction on wet roads or trails.

Off-road, this tire is doing very well on light terrain. Heavy mud, sand and deep dirt are another story. The treadmill can pack up and let your wheels spin. Road noise was a matter for some, but honestly, it's an aggressive all-terrain tire, and a little extra hum or road noise is to be expected. That said, this tire is a good option for drivers who do a lot of on-road driving while also taking it off-road for those weekend fishing, boating and camping trips.

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