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Suspension - OEM Suspension Parts

OEM Suspension Parts

For safe driving and riding quality, your car's suspension system is vital. The complex system consists of hundreds of elements, such as springs, shock absorbers, struts, control arms, sway bars, steering connections, and other elements that link a frame or a body to the wheels of your vehicle. They all work together to support the vehicle's weight equally, to keep the tires in touch with the ground, to maintain proper wheel alignment, and to regulate any unnecessary motion to balance out the ride and ensure passenger comfort. The suspension mechanism also absorbs shocks and vibration and retains riding height correctly.

Suspension components must help, absorb, and dampen the car's weight and ensure the tires maintain contact with the roads. At the cost of safe road holdings and comfort, bad or damaged components are likely to seriously endanger the driver.

Often pick standard, therefore. OEM manufacturers produce the suspension parts from Vivid Racing. Specialists who maintain outstanding performance and a great match for their innovative technological innovations. Our providers use better material quality. The protection of each part is carefully checked and complies at least with OEM standards. Health is guaranteed and a relaxing ride!


Do you remember this car suspension part that keeps your tires and your body in your seat intact? Those things are possible with springs, but shock absorbers ensure they're excellently done. Basically, the shock slows down, dampens, and controls the suspension's movement, so that your car does not bounce across the slightest bumps. However, just installing shocks is not good or even decent for car suspension.

One important false assumption to help clarify shocks is that they really don't stop your car, control, and dampen movement at all. Vivid Racing generally receives calls constantly from individuals who are looking for new shocks to fix their weak car suspension, only to see that they needed new springs.


Your springs support much of your vehicle's body mass which is what makes it possible for your car to offset road surface changes. They also help to promote and transmit vehicle weights, including passengers and cargo, and to maintain your car at a comfortable angle above your tires, so that impacts can be absorbed.

  • Coil Springs
    • Most cars currently carry these components, if not all four corners, at least for the front suspension. The springs are usually rotated around a default axis in steel. This design has a compressed footprint and can manage heavy and medium applications that have plenty of toughness.
  • Leaf Springs
    • Long bundles of leaf spring materials are the leaf springs that flex while under stress when a car's axle moves. The edges of the leaf spring pin are fixed to the car or truck's chassis, and the center of the leaves is connected to the axle.


Bushings play an important role not just in making your suspension parts operate on a flexible pivot point, but also this other one of the cartilage savers that we love so much. Seriously, the solid bushes are often used with a major part of what dedicated racing cars provide to such a rough ride.


Basically a strut just combines the spring and shock into a single assembly, technically making them coilovers, but shhh, we don't call them that. The advantage here for manufacturers is compact packaging that the manufacturers can just drop in during assembly.


This means that the coilover springs help stop the chassis from sinking, support every single wheel on the vehicle, and minimize or help decrease the tendency of body roll, especially at a higher speed when turning.

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