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Oil Catch Cans

What are Oil Catch Cans and Why Should I Install it?

The oil catch can captures the excess oil that passes through the piston seals in your car's crankcase. Ideally, the oil that lubricates the pistons is precisely measured without waste. But very often the process creates an oily blow. The oil catch can stops that blowby from going back to the engine's air intake. Quite surprisingly, we might add, no car comes with it from the factory.

Oil catch cans are simple devices that can greatly benefit direct injection engines. They prevent oil and other contaminants from causing buildup inside the intake manifold of your engine. This is how they work, and why you might want to install one on your own car.

Oil catch cans are installed between the PCV valve and the intake manifold port to capture oil and debris that would otherwise begin to be collected on your vehicle's intake valves. They generally feature a filter that separates the oil from the air , allowing the oil to settle in the bottom of the catch can without spraying back into the engine. This prevents the build-up of carbon deposits on the intake valves.

Typical catch cans can be plugged into a hose running from the top of your engine crankcase to the intake manifold. This hose relieves the pressure in the crankcase generated by the blow-by. The problem is that this pressure relief hose allows oil and other nasty stuff from the crankcase to get into the intake manifold where it doesn't belong. These contaminants may build up inside the intake that, if left unchecked, may harm fuel economy and horsepower, and may even cause misfires.

Mind you, oil catch cans are only really necessary for direct injection engines. Unlike other engines, direct injection engines do not have fuel regularly cleaning the valves and are therefore more likely to experience the formation of carbon deposits. It is because in port-injected engines, the fuel that is sprayed into the intake works as a cleaner, washing off any oil build-up that might occur. Since direct injection engines are driving fuel directly into the cylinder, there is nothing to prevent gunk from building up.

Benefits of an Oil Catch Can

  • Prevents the blow-by from entering the air intake keeps the engine in better condition
  • Lessens carbon build up that lessens engine efficiency
  • Due to lesser build-ups, the components of your engine will last longer

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