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Racing Gloves

Why Should I Own Racing Gloves?

Driving is cool, but what's cooler is looking good behind the wheel, and driving gloves are a key part of it. Not only do they look great, but there are legitimate benefits of wearing them, improving and enhancing many aspects of experience. Driving gloves are hand-held gloves, typically made of very thin, soft leather, used to give the driver increased control of the vehicle through enhanced grip of the steering wheel and the gear stick. The grain present on the leather and the pores present in the leather gives the gloves a unique ability to assist the wearer as they grip the steering wheel and the gear stick. As soft as a leather gloves can be, their pores and grains provide a level of friction when "gripped" against an item or surface.

In general, the gloves have separate sheaths or openings for each finger and thumb. They are designed to hold the steering wheel. These gloves also make you feel good and add comfort to your hands. They fit tightly and do not interfere with the movements of the hands. The increased grip enables more control and increased safety at high speeds.

In the advent of driving gloves, all cars were all convertibles. That means that steering wheels, which were made of metal, would be either too hot or too cold to the touch. Another very important reason for wearing driving gloves was to protect the driver's hands from splinters from wooden steering wheels.

The Importance of Racing Gloves

Racing Gloves are specifically designed not only for increased grip and performance, but also for protection against heat and flame for car drivers. Racing gloves must have cuffs to provide thermal shielding in conjunction with racing driver suits. 

Because leather shrinks considerably when exposed to flame, the leather gloves are usually limited to the tactile areas of the hand. Usually, there is no leather on the cuff, on the back of the hand, or between the fingers (also called forks). The racing gloves should be tight either at the wrist or at the end of the cuff. The leather is intended to be used as an additional layer of material. The leather seams must be separate from the structural seams of the gloves. The thickness of the leather is as thin as possible.

Advantages of Racing Gloves

  • Less Fatigue - Racing gloves can help you with this problem since they function like a barrier between them and the steering wheel. That way, your hands will suffer much less friction and abrasion, thus significantly reducing the risk of blisters occurring.
  • Enhanced Control - When using racing gloves, you will not even have to think about this issue, and you will have a much stronger and firmer grip on the steering wheel.
  • Protection from Extreme Cold - When hands suffer from extreme cold, they become much less flexible, as well as less responsive. That usually leads to an extremely unpleasant ride, and, more importantly, increases the risk of accidents. To prevent this scenario from happening, use racing gloves to keep your hands warm.

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