Who is Roto-Fab?

Roto-Fab began designing and manufacturing aftermarket automotive components in 1998 on a private label basis. After nearly a decade, the company introduced its first Roto-Fab branded products to the public, which were successfully accepted among the car enthusiasts all over the United States. Consequently, the company experienced a tremendous amount of growth in just a few short years.

As its growth continues, consumers can rest assured that Roto-Fab will never lose sight of individual customer service both before your purchase and after. The brand takes customer satisfaction and word of mouth very seriously, as both have been its greatest marketing asset to date. 

The Roto-Fab Way

Roto-Fab is dedicated to providing its customers with products that both maximize the performance and sound of their vehicles, while also enhancing underhood aesthetics. All of its products are crafted in-house in Roto-Fab’s complete metal fabrication shop as well as two plastic molding machines. Having these grants Roto-Fab the flexibility to manufacture its own plastic and metal molds and tooling right in its own facility. This unique freedom is what really sets Roto-Fab apart from other companies out there.

Roto-Fab’s design approach is fairly simple, yet effective. The brand strives to design the best products possible with little regard to tooling expenses or manufacturing difficulty. It takes pride in providing truly custom components that are a direct fit and perform seamlessly. In order to ensure every Roto-Fab product is a perfect fit, it starts as a hand-made working prototype that is refined until the desired level, fitment, and appearance are achieved. The final prototype is then reverse engineered to create fixtures and tooling for production. The result is a final product that spotlights all the features of a “one-off” hand-fabricated unit.

Roto-Fab Parts at Vivid Racing

With Roto-Fab’s proven parts, you are getting products that are a perfect fit, perform well, and install easily without any modifications. This is true for all of Roto-Fab’s air intakes, filters, engine covers, fuse box covers, plenum covers, and more! Vivid Racing is proud to carry an impressive lineup of Roto-Fab products that include cold air intakes, air filters, radiator and engine covers, oil caps, fuse boxes, clamps, and hoses. If you need help locating a particular item or have fitment questions, please call our specialized parts team at (480) 966-3040.