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Who Is Sherco? 

Sherco was established in 1998 and is a multinational SMEs divided into two subsidiaries in Western Europe. It caters to off-road vehicles and produces a wide range of products. 

Their Spanish factory in Barcelona was founded in 1998 and focuses in the trial category. On the other hand, their French factory focuses on the rest of the production. The latter was established in 2003. 

A Company That Consistently Develops

Because of its continuous development, the company moved away from the trial class and tried the enduro market. 

To date, Sherco range has almost twenty different vehicles. This is divided into two main categories namely trial and enduro. The trial has five models and are equipped with 2-stroke motors. The enduro consists of eight 4-stroke models with displacement of 250 to 510 cubic centimeters. Their 2-stroke models have a displacement of 50 to 300 cubic centimeters. 

Large Facility To Accommodate The Growing Demand 

In 2017, Sherco made another leap. They now have a huge facility that is more than 12,000 square meters. Apart from that, they continue to employ more people year after year. While most can say that the company is growing, they claim that they are just beginning. With that, we can expect to see more. 

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