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Shift Knobs

Ditch Your Old Shift Knob

Customizing every little bit of a car is the norm for us car enthusiasts. We make the engine eke out more power, we buy more stylish wheels and stickier tires, we drop our sports sedans or raise our trucks.

But somewhere along the way, the bits that we always touch are taken for granted. That includes your shift knob which might be the worst looking part of your car due to age and use. Shift knobs are used more often than any part of your car - because if you don’t use it you will either be very slow, or a connecting rod will be acquainted to life outside an engine.

You have to, erm, shift to a better shift knob. Vivid racing has a myriad of shift knobs from every top manufacturer. Find yours in a few clicks.

The Advantages of an Aftermarket Shift Knob

Do you want to know the real story behind stock shift knobs that come with our cars not from BMW? Cost.

Cost is the limiting factor on why most cars’ shifters feel too light, vague, rubbery, and at times imprecise.

As a responsible vehicle owner, we have to make sure that our cars are in tip-top shape. That includes changing the shift knob when its already worn off.

If you want to veer off from your OEM shift knob, you are in for a treat. Aftermarket shift knobs from leading brands like MOMO, Oettinger, MP Designs, and AC Schnitzer are engineered to have the precision and weight lacking from your stock shifters.

An even better part is that they come in different shapes, styles, and colors to suit your car’s interior or your eccentric taste, or both.

Performance shifters also offer better grip for sportier driving. A grippier, sportier, and more precise shift knob can actually help you perfect your heel-toe downshifts. Not to mention aftermarket shift knobs look better than stock ones, even those made by BMW.