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About Spike Powersports

Spike Powersports is built on the principle of high-quality items that are manufactured at an affordable price without sacrificing durability. It strives to deliver products that are compatible with the latest models in the industry that fulfill the riders' needs. With over two decades of experience in the business, Spike Powersports leverages their expertise to deliver the highest-quality products at the most competitive pricing. Spike Power Sports has been developing the necessary accessories for motorcyclists, from windshields, roofs, rear windows, fender flares, doors, and lights. As the automotive industry grows, their product catalog upgrades to the latest accessories for UTV-type models. The product line includes frames and bodywork, as well as windshields and fairings.

Spike Power Sports Windshield

Spike Power Sports' front and rear shields are constructed of polycarbonate and are protected by a scratch-resistant coating. Polycarbonate is a flexible, soft material that can absorb impact and is nearly as hard as glass because of the scratch-resistant coating.

Spike Power Sports Roof

Spike Powersports' Polaris Roof provides substantial protection for your vehicle. The roof is constructed of an injection-molded polyethylene roof panel that is designed to withstand high heat and cold. Rain channels integrated into the roof conduct water away from the cab, keeping you and your passengers dryer than any other roof model. In addition, the roof is precisely formed to ensure a watertight seal, which eliminates noise and vibration while on the road. It is designed to fit perfectly into your vehicle's windshields and doors, and all the necessary hardware is included to ensure a simple installation. Due to Spike Powersports' attention to detail, this roof is designed to ride quietly and squeak-free, with a water-tight fit that works well with windshields, doors, and even rear windows.

Why choose Spiked Powersports?

pike Powersports makes side by side components for well-known UTV brands, including Can-Am, Polaris, Yahama, Ranger, John Deere Gator, Honda, and Kawasaki. They have specialized in body and comfort accessories that enhance the quality of your journey through the production of high-grade products.

Vehicle Durability

With its various replacements available on our site, you can increase your vehicle's durability and safety by upgrading with Spike Powersports equipment. For instance, the side mirror, windshield, and battery covers are to protect you while driving under various climatic conditions like rain, high winds, or dust storms.


Assume you adore the sensation of wind in your hair. Spike Powersports manufactures windshields with just enough venting to allow for airflow while maintaining a clear view. Another approach to improving your ride's comfort is to install a hardtop that is specially fitted to your car. If you own a May-Am Maverick, you can complete the look with a set of four fender flares. Spike Powersports understands what it is like to drive down a trail, which is why they've developed UTV accessories that can withstand hard obstacles.