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Status Alloy Wheels are manufactured using cutting-edge wheel production technologies for today's luxury automobiles and trucks. These huge, durable aftermarket rims are designed with modern elegance to give your favorite vehicle or SUV a stylish appearance. Status Wheels are designed to last a long time and are optimized for fitment on leading truck and SUV brands. They offer mesh and multispoke Status rims in gloss black, carbon graphite, or silver brushed face finishes to enhance your vehicle's appearance. These one-piece cast alloy wheels are bold and attractive, making them an excellent choice for your vehicle, truck, or SUV.


Status Alloy Wheels, founded in 1982 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, is a family-owned and operated business. They offer a comprehensive range of unique styles and applications with over 70,000 wheels in stock, affordable prices, and excellent service. They provide sizes from 14" to 28", staggered, tuner, all terrain, and big chrome. Along with Ruff Racing, Lip Lock, and Tuff A.T., Status Alloy Wheels is one of the fastest growing firms in the wheel industry.

All Status Wheels are designed and developed in the United States of America and are the result of extensive research and development to ensure the highest possible standards of design, style, and craftsmanship. Status Alloy Wheels are about luxury, cutting-edge design, and unmatched quality. They are available in a number of sizes and styles to help differentiate your vehicle from the market. Status Alloy wheels are made of the highest-grade alloy available, ensuring better quality for your customers. Status wheels have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet the industry's highest standards. They provide wheels for every specific model of vehicle, from Chevrolets to Mercedes, and everything in between. The Status Wheels collection was designed to meet all aftermarket requirements, from conservative to radical.


Their product line features a wide range of different styles of wheels, such as journey wheels, adamas wheels, empire wheels, goliath wheels, juggernaut wheels, titan wheels, brute wheels, griffin wheels, zeus wheels, with different color options such as black, chrome, graphite, and silver finish.


The products of Status Alloy Wheels included in Vivid Racing are the adamas wheel, brute wheel, empire wheel, goliath wheel, griffin wheel, juggernaut wheel, titan wheel, zeus wheel, and mastadon wheel.