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What Makes the Volk Racing TE037 6061 Wheels Special?

While the powerful Volk Racing TE37 Dura was built for heavy-duty premium sports cars in the market today, the Volk Racing TE037 6061 was designed for high performance middle class sports cars. The TE037 6061’s performance is currently unmatched in A6061 aluminum forged wheels. This was made possible by a tremendously complex development process used only by Rays Engineering.

The 19” wheels weigh just 8.15 kilograms since it was made to cater the exclusive demands of high-performance middle-class sports automobiles. Furthermore, Rays followed a price-sensible approach by altering the materials used from ultra-duralumin. And thanks to patented Rays technology, the TE37 6061 is not only lighter and stiffer, it’s also beautiful and functional as well.

The high performance middle class sports vehicle segment continues to evolve without restraint and the Volk Racing TE037 6061 is just the ideal match for such automobiles. Whether you are searching for TE037 wheels or any other wheels, Vivid Racing is the place to go! Our large wheel catalog includes popular brands like GramLights, Volk Racing, Advan, and many more!