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What Makes the Volk Racing TE037 Dura Special?

There are several aluminum alloys used in making wheels and the most durable of them all is the Ultra Super Duralumin. This type of aluminum alloy has been used in the construction of the Volk Racing TE037. Following the same continuous metal grain flow of the Rays Original Design Mold for Technology, the material managed to retain its true strength.

The TE037 Dura’s design is based on the 2017 Super GT500 but stronger and lighter, while maintaining the Ray’s iconic 6 spoke outline. The vertical wall of the spoke’s side has been reduced in thickness (a procedure used in racing wheels) and carefully machined while its pockets have been drilled more. The result is 300 grams less weight.

Every section in the TE37 Dura has been shaped for optimum strength and rigidity. It is then finished with a Brightening Metal Dark Color to improve the aesthetics of the original aluminum. The high performance middle class sports vehicle segment continues to evolve without restraint and the Volk Racing TE037 is just the ideal match for such automobiles. Whether you are searching for TE037 wheels or any other wheels, Vivid Racing is the place to go! Our large wheel catalog includes popular brands like GramLights, Volk Racing, Advan, and many more!