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What Makes Volk Racing TE37 Saga Time Attack Wheels Special?

After the very successful release of the ZE40 Time Attack Edition wheels, Volk Racing took the “Time Attack” design and applied it to their already popular TE37 Saga wheels. This special edition features a simple Matte Black color and Volk’s original technology REDOT (machining and painting technology). Underneath the “Time Attack” paint job, the TE37 Saga Time Attack is unchanged from the existing TE37 Saga wheels.

Just like the standard TE37 Saga, the TE37 Saga Time Attack uses a fully forged construction. Forged wheels begin their life as a solid piece of metal which is referred to as billet. This solid piece of aluminum undergoes massive amounts of heat and pressure to form it into the desired shape which is used for different wheel designs. Once this desired shape has been achieved, the forging is placed in a CNC machine where it is machined into the exact shape needed. To put it simply, the forged aluminum construction of the TE37 Saga Time Attack is incredibly strong and lightweight.


  • Timeless Six-Spoke Design
  • Mold-Form Forged single piece construction
  • 17” and 18” sizes
  • JWL+2 Spec 2
  • Same construction as TE37 Saga
  • Unique “Time Attack” finish

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