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Who is Textar?

Textar is a company known for creating high-quality performance brake pads for various automobiles. The company was founded in 1913 and has continued serving its customers with high-quality brake pads. Today, the company has created a name for itself and has made its brand synonymous with premium quality products and is widely recognized worldwide.

A Century Of Creating Quality Parts

The company has been creating brake products for the last 100 years. They do not only produce brake pads that are high in quality but also safe to use and reliable. They have used their vast experience to create one of the best friction products in the market today.

Motorsport Heritage

Textar brake pads are not only for street use, but is also proven to perform well on the race track. Back in the 1950s, one man stood out when it comes to motorsport racing and that is Juan Manuel Fangio in his legendary Mercedes Silver Arrow. Textar has helped Fangio win victories during the racing season and won multiple Grand Prix including those in Italy, Buenos Aires and Nurburgring.

The Number One Choice

The company has always been the first choice of enthusiasts especially by those with vehicles fitted with carbon-ceramic brake discs. The company's continuous product development has helped them create the perfect brake pad formula that would match this specific application.

Purchase Textar Brake Pads at Vivid Racing

If you are searching for quality brake pads that would help improve your vehicle’s braking performance, then Textar has the right set for you. Trusted by many racers and enthusiasts alike, they have been the primary choice of those who would want top performance for their vehicles. To know more about Textar, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that would fit your specific requirement.