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Performance Gladiator Tires

With a term like Gladiator, you can't help but picture the powerful images of the fighters battling in the ring, each seeking to make the best of the other in a deadly war. Correspondingly, Gladiator tires are intended to effectively overcome the problems presented by uninhabitable and rough road conditions that could quickly puncture a tire. American Pacific Industries is the owner of Gladiator Tires. Tire manufacturing is outsourced to China and shipped to the United States. The brand is famous for selling specialty tires for ATVs, trucks, trailers, and commercial vehicles; however, it's doesn't cover the passenger car market. Its models are viewed mainly as great heavy-duty tires that provide answers to drivers who make long journeys on roads and love driving off the beaten track.

Why Buy Gladiator Tires?

Heavy Duty

Gladiator tires are produced to accommodate drivers who travel long distances when carrying large loads. Tires are available in various sizes and capacity ratings to allow users to position bulky items in the trucks' luggage compartment. Vehicles can work wonderfully without impediments, as the tire provides excellent support and security. For enthusiasts who love off-roading on weekends, the brand has produced highly competent tires that can comfortably handle hard road surfaces, including mud, dirt, sand, and rocks.


Truck tires are enormously expensive and much more expensive than regular passenger tires. A complete set could cost as much as $1000. Gladiator Tires provide an excellent value for money by selling tire models available in the discount and top-range category. The pricing, combined with its tires' extraordinary increased performance, allows the brand to step out among rival brands that market tires with identical features and performance levels for much more significant amounts.

Gladiator Radial ATR Tire

Gladiator ATV ATR is a high-value ATV/UTV tire that provides reliable off-road stability and reliable handling in a range of rough terrains. The ATV ATR offers superior all-terrain quality with its powerful 8-ply graded structure and sturdy cut-resistant tray compound. Gladiator ATV ATR is also fitted with deep rim protection to better shield your custom wheels. If you're looking for a budget-friendly ATV tire that provides stringent efficiency, the Gladiator ATV ATR is an excellent option for you.

Gladiator X Comp ATR Tire

Gladiator X Comp ATR is an off-road ATV tire optimized for optimum traction and strength. The X Comp ATR provides solid, robust performance with a self-cleaning tread and shoulder way to protect build-up and radial layout with a 2 ply sidewall for trail versatility. Be sure to try out the Gladiator X Comp ATR.

Gladiator X Comp M/T

Gladiator X Comp M/T offers strong off-road performance and a comfortable ride, both of which benefit. With its solid tread pattern and rugged 3-ply framework, the X Comp M/T provides grip in extreme off-road conditions, while its self-cleaning tread system helps avoid the build-up of dirt, rock, and snow. If you're looking for a high-value mud-terrain tire, Gladiator X Comp M/T is a perfect option for you.

Gladiator Tires Features:


Tires must boost a vehicle's handling aspect, as improved traction protects drivers from navigating difficult terrain. Also, superior handling would allow drivers to drive safely across roads and highways without fear of losing composure. Gladiator improves the handling of its tires by developing each model with a variety of features. A wide 5-rib tread pattern enables drivers to have outstanding directional stability on both dry and wet pavements while witnessing rapid braking without a vehicle slipping. The tire's inner construction composes a strong steel belt, which guarantees that the tire continues to remain completely smooth over longer journeys.


Durability is a further aspect improved by Gladiator Tires. Such models are equipped with a three-ply polyester case, which is further strengthened. This makes an incredibly robust structure that can run on jagged rocks without becoming punctured. The brand produces durable sidewalls that are immune to tire bruising owing to contaminants and rough surfaces. In fact, tires are built with advanced features that clean themselves of sand and stone build-up that happens naturally. Together, these attributes greatly increase the rubber's strength and reliability, making it a perfect buy.

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