Who is Tomioka Racing?

Tomioka Racing is an aftermarket company that was founded in 2006. The company specializes in producing quality performance cars for various import vehicles that include the likes of Audi, Mitsubishi, Subaru, BMW, Toyota, and more. With networks expanding from the US to Europe to Asia, the company has become a world-renowned brand and has been widely accepted by different enthusiasts.

Performance-Oriented Parts

Tomioka Racing focuses on parts that would greatly improve the vehicle’s performance. They offer a wide range of products from turbochargers, intercoolers, fuel rails, drivetrain parts, exhaust systems, engine internal components, suspension parts, and more. These parts are designed to improve the overall performance of a vehicle.

Improvement Over Stock

Tomioka Racing manufactures parts that are an improvement over its stock counterpart. An example is their turbocharger that is fitted with ball bearings instead of standard bushings. It also tested to spool faster compared to stock which helps in giving its user a memorable driving experience. They offer parts that are a direct bolt on to the original stock location, making the installation hassle-free. 

Purchase Tomioka Racing Parts at Vivid Racing

Here at Vivid Racing, we only trust the best, and Tomioka Racing is one of the brands that has our seal of approval. If you are in search of quality high-performance parts than would give you the results you wanted, then Tomioka Racing has got you covered. Visit Vivid Racing to see the complete list of their products that would fit your specific needs.