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Who is Torq-Masters?

Torq-Masters Industries Inc. is a well-known aftermarket manufacturer of precision automatic locking differentials. Founded by Bill and Cathie Cole, their background as former off-road racers enabled them to develop quality and performance-oriented products. Their personal experience allowed them to identify key points needed. And this proves to be essential in developing their products. 

Today, multiple off-roaders around the world choose Torq-Masters as their differential locker of choice and are used by professional off-roaders.

High-Quality Products  

All of their locking differentials are 100% made in the USA. Using the best quality of 9310 hardened alloy steel, considered as one of the best steel available in the market today, they were able to create a product that could withstand the harshest conditions. 

They have continuously innovated themselves to create a product that would also adapt to the changing times. Thanks to its team that has 60 years of experience in building lockers. 

ISO Certified

Torq-Masters’ manufacturing facility has been ISO 9001 certified. This means that the company uses standards that demonstrate their ability to provide products that can satisfy both the customers and regulatory requirements. 

Purchase Torq-Masters at Vivid Racing

If you are looking for a quality locking differential that would give you the confidence to go anywhere, then Torq-Master is the right brand for you. They also offer other products, including drive shafts. In addition, you can purchase rebuild kits for your lockers, just in case you wish to freshen up your unit. 

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