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Turbo Timers/Harnesses

Turbocharger Timers and Turbocharger Timer Harnesses

A turbo timer is a device inside an automobile engine programmed to function for a predetermined time period. The cooldown period necessary to avoid premature turbo wear and breakdown is executed automatically. After a driving cycle, when a turbocharger works hard, the engine needs to operate at idle speeds for a cycle so the compressor can cool down in both the intake and exhaust paths from lower gas concentrations. Simultaneously, the lubricating oil from the motor will flow correctly so that the turbine does not absorb a lubricating oil that would be stuck in a high-speed turbine. As far as conventional turbochargers are concerned, a turbocharger's need can be avoided simply by ensuring that the car does not raise the fire for several moments before the engine is turned off. Digital electronics are focused on certain turbo timers.

What Does Turbo Timer Do?

As the name implies, a turbo timer can cool up your snail after pushing your vehicle heavy. The engine needs to operate inactive for a brief amount of time to cool down turbo intake and exhaust compressors. The engine's correct oil flow is allowed if the motor is shut down after the vehicle has been parked. Suppose the hot engine oil stuck between the turbo compressors shut down after a hard running. In that case, it splits into carbon deposits around the coating, which leads to bad circulation, damaged seals, and finally, turbo scoring and failure.

BD Diesel Cool Down Turbo Timer Kit

At extreme temps, turbochargers run. The Cool Down Timer is programmed to maintain the engine going when the ignition is switched on to prevent turbochargers from falling while the engine is down, preventing cool oil from flowing to the turbocharger while still warm. If the oil flow is shut down too soon, the majority of the oil in the bearing framework will overheat the bearings' coking, leading to premature wear and lower oiling of the bearings. The Turbocharger duration to cool down causes the vehicle to idle to a reasonable running speed. It is used in most of the pyrometer gauge sets with any EGT K-Type package.

Buddy Club Silver Turbo Timer with Security Lock

The Buddy Club Security Timer provides all the standard turbo timer features and a unique new safety lock. The appropriate password must be input before the engine is started when the authentication lock is triggered. The timer not only protects the motor but also reduces the risk of stolen vehicles. The Buddy Club Security Timer shows time and flashes when the security feature is triggered. The battery voltage indicator with an indication of the min/max voltage. Turbo timer feature can be set for 10 seconds to 99 minutes 99 seconds.

HKS Turbo Timer

All turbochargers were subjected to the exhaust gas at high temperatures; thus, the engine could have been affected if the engine had shut without it afterward. It was important to keep the motor idling until the motor was shut down to ensure adequate turbine lifespan. HKS Turbo Timer was created to prevent turbocharger disruption, even after the engine was off, by allowing the engine to idle.

The turbocharged motor produced high motor output with low motor driving. As numerous turbo-charge engine versions from automotive manufacturers have been launched, HKS has revamped Turbo Timer to improve operation, functionality, and assembly versatility.

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