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Valve Springs & Retainers

Valve springs are one of the most critical and overlooked components in your engine. The proper selection of the valve spring begins with identifying the application and the choice of all valve train components to achieve the engine builders' objectives. 

The spring is selected to complement the system and must be matched to the entire valve train for the engine to achieve its full potential. There's absolutely no point in installing a cam that will rev to 8000 rpm if you don't have the correct springs. Improper selection of the wrong spring valve is one of the most common causes of engine failure. Other common causes are incorrect installation and incorrect handling of valve springs.

There are many types of valve springs available, with two main types: single and dual. The single spring that supports the valve on its own the dual has a smaller spring inside the original. The other main difference between the valve springs is the amount of pressure applied to the cam and the valve. Choosing the right spring pressure valve is essential to ensure that the valve is retracted quickly enough and that you do not suffer from "valve float," and that you do not get stiff and cause high wear on the cam. Other parts associated with the valve are the holders and the retainers. Their job is to keep the spring of the valve securely attached to the valve.

The valve springs are mounted between the sockets. This support, commonly referred to as SPRING SEATS, is located at the end of the spring. The LOWER SPRING SEAT can be simply a recess in the top of the cylinder head or a steel washer that rests on the top of the cylinder head and is shaped to fit the spring coil's bottom. The UPPER SPRING SEAT, called the SPRING RETAINER, is a steel washer shaped to fit the top of the spring. The upper spring seat is attached to the top of the valve stem utilizing removable fasteners, commonly known as valve holders.

How do they Work?

A spring valve is placed around the valve stem and held in place by a bracket. Its primary function is to control the entire valve train, ensuring that the proper amount of spring pressure is consistently applied to prevent the valve from bouncing. 

Since the valve bounce can lead to the engine's complete failure, loss of power, and even rupture within the valve, these springs have a critical function. 

Besides, a pressure valve spring also helps prevent the valve from floating or disconnecting between the love of the camshaft and the valve train that occurs when the engine's speed exceeds the spring of the valve. 

The springs help protect the axle, the cylinder walls, the pistons, and the engine bearings, as they force the valves to close completely and secure the proper amount of compression. 

They also help stop hydraulic lifters' problems, work against oil pressure in the internal piston, and prevent lifters from moving upwards.

How to choose the correct Valve Spring?

  • Use only the valve springs that give the correct spring pressure to the valve, both on the seat and at the maximum lift. 
  • The external diameter of the recommended spring valve may require that the head's spring pocket be machined to a larger size. 
  • One of the easiest and sometimes most costly mistakes made in racing engines is not to locate the spring positively. The valve spring that "dances" around the cylinder head or the retainer causes harmful harmonics and excessive wear. A spring that is forced to hold is likely to fail in that coil. That's why we have such a wide range of steel and titanium brackets, hardened steel spring seat cups, and I.D. Locators are better suited to our springs. A spring that is correctly mounted on the retainer and the cylinder head will provide the longest service life possible.

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