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Drag Wheels

Who are Drag Wheels?

Drag produces wheels for enthusiasts for a long time now. Their specialty is producing one-piece cast wheels in various styles that represent designs from the JDM and European scenes. They produce 5-, 6-, 7-, split-spoke, and mesh wheels that will surely make your car stand out – even more than when you had stock wheels. Drag wheels are your choice for the sleekest tuning and import styles.

Drag produces gravity cast wheels. This is the casting process whereby the molten material is poured into a mold and allowed to cool. These molds are usually made by machining a piece of material on CNC machine equipment to produce a wheel that only requires minor finishing like drilling or possibly trimming of some excess metal to be considered complete. 

Gravity casting is the most basic process of pouring molten aluminum into a mold using the earth's gravity to fill the mold. Gravity casting offers a very reasonable cost of production and is a good method for casting designs that are more visually oriented or where weight reduction is not a primary concern. Since the process relies on gravity to fill the mold, the aluminum is not as densely packed in the mold as some other casting process. Often the gravitational casting wheels will have a higher weight to achieve the required strength.

Why Should I Install Drag Wheels?

  • Aftermarket wheels have been engineered to be lightweight, which is why these see the primary use in motorsports
  • A lighter wheel reduces un-sprung weight, resulting in faster acceleration and significantly improved handling
  • A bigger wheel allows space for much larger brake rotors and calipers—usually a must when a car is built to race
  • A larger wheel is more attractive in design compared to boring stock wheels

Aside from wheels that will look good on sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars, crossovers, and minivans, Drag also makes wheels for SUVs and trucks that wish to go off-roading. It is called the DX4 and it is a legitimate off-road wheel with beadlocks.

Why Should I Invest in Off-road Wheels?

  • Off road wheels are more durable than regular street wheels
  • You will get wheels that are not only strong but lightweight as well
  • Off-road wheels are made of corrosion resistant alloys to help them stay good looking even after hours in the mud
  • Off road wheels come in larger sizes to accommodate the extra clearance provided by the lift
  • Lifted vehicles have a higher center of gravity and off road wheels can provide stability to keep you safely on the road

Vivid Racing carries a full line of Drag Wheels/Rims. Drag creates a line of race inspired wheels at an excellent price. Our Drag models include the DC-10, DR-06, DR-11, DR12, DR-14, DR-16, DR-17, DR-18, DR-19, DR-20, DR-21, DR-23, DR-24, DR-25, DR-26, DR-27, DR-30, DR-31, DR-32, DR-33, DR-34, DR-35, DR-36, DR-37, DR-8 and the DR-9 . Many sizes to choose from. Vivid Racing strives to be the best in customer service and pricing. If you don't see what you are looking for please give us a call at 1-480-966-3040.