Level 8 Wheels

Who is a Level 8?

Off-road wheels are made to make your truck and SUV go to the next level, erm, leveling ground. Rarely are they made beautiful. This is where Level 8 Wheels come in.

Level 8 is a company that specializes solely in making off-road wheels. They have insurmountable experience in the aftermarket wheel industry and have long been a leader in private manufacturing. 

A young brand when it comes to aftermarket wheels, Level 8 charges through mountain tops with a strong dedication, innovation, and skillful craftsmanship. These qualities helped them gain popularity in the tough off-road community. 

What makes Level 8 Different?

Level 8 produces superior grade off-road wheels that are extremely durable and over-engineered at an affordable price.

Crafted using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Level 8 uses the latest equipment to outperform the competition in every imaginable aspect of producing a very high quality off-road wheel. Like every top caliber wheelmaker out there, only the finest aluminum alloy blocks are used to make sure your truck will have wheels with excellent strength-to-weight ratio. You just know these guys are serious at doing what they do because not a lot of companies even mention strength-to-weight ratio.

Less un-sprung weight means less stress for your suspension. Which means better handling and braking – essential things when off-roading. Level 8 wheels are resistant to impact, cracking, and bending to get you to where you need to go when there are no roads.

Level 8 wheels have a plethora of finishes to make sure you find the right one for your truck or SUV. Matte black, matte bronze, gunmetal, are just some of the finishes Level 8 wheels come in. And you’d be hard pressed not to find anything for your application.