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XF Off-Road Wheels - XF Off-Road Wheels

XF Off-road Wheels

XF Off-road is well known for their revolutionary one-piece cast aluminum wheels. They are charging ahead of the competition with innovation and sophistication.

They offer a unique line of products for the off-roading circle’s elite wheel afficionados. XF blends trend setting looks with exquisite finishes that truly would stand out even if your truck is plagued by dirt and mud. XF wheels extraordinary wheels are a result of skillful engineering and masterful craftsmanship. Setting the bar of excellence in wheel design, durability, and functionality, XF Off-road sets the bar high. 

What Makes XF Off-road Wheels Special?

Leading the way in the off-road industry with unique designs and custom finishes that will drive a Crayola fan crazy, XF’s cast and forged wheels leave the competition in the dust. 

Driven by passion and continuous strive for rugged perfection, XF Off-road always seeks the latest technologies, using the most advanced materials to provide products seen nowhere on the market. That allows them to stay ahead of the curve and feed the insatiable appetites and unique needs of warriors of the beaten path, and hardcore adventurers, or for those who must have the most elegant yet rugged wheel for their truck or SUV.

The XF Off Road’s unwavering commitment to a cutting-edge wheel is backed by a rich heritage of extensive expertise. They offer an extensive collection of opulent wheels designed to dramatically enhance the vehicle’s exterior by adding a rugged yet luxurious edge. 

No compromise in quality. XF Off-road offers wheels wrought from the highest grade aluminum to be lightweight yet incredibly durable and stiff. 

The XF-201 will add an opulent edge to the look of your off-road machine, blending traditional craftsmanship with a subtle hint of rugged elegance. It delivers luxurious looks with their state-of-the-art design and breathtaking finish that will still look good with mud, dirt, and grime. Made from premium grade aluminum, the XF-201 provides rock-solid strength and durability so you'll be ready for whatever lies ahead.

The y-spokes on the XFX-304 are never before seen on any wheel of this caliber. Rounded wheel windows make this design unique. Faint elements of a rotational wheel combined with y-spokes and a smooth design are impeccable. The spot milled accents on the lip and edges of the spokes give this wheel the perfect visceral attitude that will make on-lookers with their green with envy.

Rolling on XF Off Road wheels will make heads turn and necks break. The wheel design and attention to detail is simply jaw-slackening. 

Constructed with scrupulous attention to detail, they deliver the ultimate balance between light weight and rock-solid durability for a smooth, dynamic ride even on the harsh, unforgiving trails, and temperamental weather, of your next off-road trip.

XF Off Road are a perfect match for your vehicle. They are specially designed to fit your truck or SUV flawlessly.