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Rotiform Wheels

Rotiform was, erm, formed in 2009. It has been founded by Brian Henderson and Jason Whipple, both of whom are automotive enthusiasts. They took the opportunity to change the landscape of the automotive market soon as the occasion presented itself. 

Long story short, Rotiform is today considered as a top tier wheel manufacturer. They are a company who stands behind their products, especially when it’s time to hit the tarmac.

Having legions of followers the world over, Rotiform continues to prove that it offers the finest wheels on the market.

Rotiform produces some of the most aesthetically pleasing wheel designs. And because of this, every wheel seems to be a hit. Rotiform brings a plethora of styles and finishes on the table all while producing top quality wheels. These beautiful wheels not only look good, they can bring you years and years of reliable service. 

Rotiform Forged Wheels

If it were up to us here at Vivid Racing, we would call it Rotiforged. But we’re not.

Even so, Rotiform produces top quality, beautiful forged monoblock and 3-piece wheels. Forged from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the lesser un-sprung weight means stopping, turning, and blasting off faster out of The Corkscrew or having a more blissful cruise on the Pacific Coast. Rotiform Forged wheels provide the beautiful balance of strength and lightweight.

Rotiform Forged provides a myriad of selections of forged 3PC classic wheels with varying concave or convex profiles, forged monolock construction, or flat profiled wheels available in diameters ranging from 18'' to 24''. 

Meeting the highest demands of racing, the company provides a wide selection of forged wheels that feature a fully modular three piece design which facilitates replacing parts at the track. The company has never stopped creating astonishing designs to meet the most demanding tastes. The company also preserves classics, rarities, and odd-balls of wheel history.

Rotiform Monoblock Series

The Monoblock Series is a line of high-quality one-piece cast wheels wrought using the latest low-pressure casting technology. 

The low-pressure casting ensures improved mechanical properties like density and strength over the wheels that made utilizing ye olde gravity casting. Monoblock wheels maintain a lower weight which enhances performance and, because of less weight and drag, positively affects fuel consumption. 

The Monoblock series of wheels are a perfect upgrade to any OE wheel. The Monoblock wheels are guaranteed to complement your vehicle and enhance performance.