TechArt Wheels

What is TECHART?

The Porsche 911 is one of, if not the, most iconic sports cars ever produced. It has a virtually unchanged silhouette since it was conceived in 1963. It had presented to the world the idea of having the engine behind the rear wheel axle to take the load off of the front wheels to make it light. The result is light yet organic steering since you don’t have the weight of the engine at the nose of the car.

Since then, Porsche has expanded its offerings including mid-engine sports cars in the Cayman and Boxster to fast luxury SUVs like the Macan and Cayenne. They have also jabbed at the luxury sports sedan/wagon segment in the Panamera. All these cars have one thing in common: a sportiness and feeling of speed that runs in the Porsche DNA.

But not everyone is happy with their Porsche out of the box. Some blokes yearn for more performance, more speed, more power, and more style. And this is why TECHART exists. TECHART is the brand for for individualization of any Porsche model. Driven by the highest demands on design excellence, high technology development competence and our responsible attitude towards emotion and reason. They have been modifying Porsches since 1987.


Of course, a Porsche owner would only like the best parts for their prized possession. That includes unique wheels built specifically for Porsches. TECHART wheels are all for individuality. They have distinctive designs, perfectly hallmarking even Porsche 718 models. Exclusive TECHART-engineered designs, manufactured at the highest TECHART quality standards. And no matter which wheel design you may choose, all TECHART wheels are also available in individually matched custom colors.


If you have a classic Porsche, or you just fancy classic Porsche wheels, the Formula wheel might be for you. A renowned indicator for individuality and style. Its elegant shape incorporates large spaces between the spokes. This does not only ensure a clear view of the braking system but also improved heat dispersal. It can go in classic Porsches to the Cayenne SUV as it is available in 17 to 23-inch diameters.

Formula IV

The new TECHART Formula IV wheel reinterprets the renowned TECHART Formula wheel design in a sporty five twin-spokes structure. Available in 21- and 22-inch diameters, it does add a great styling option for the Porsche model range.

For models with a central locking device, like the 911 GT3, the TECHART Formula IV Race center lock wheel is the first choice as it is a weight-optimized 20- inch twin-five spoke design. In the production process, the use of special forging technologies and undercut processing enables a particularly low weight.

Formula VI

Slender spokes, low weight, appealing dimensions and a particularly sport-oriented styling: the all new forged aluminum Formula VI stands for the aspirations of the TECHART refinement program. The forged aluminum wheel is available for the Porsche Taycan and Cayenne models.

Daytona II

The sophisticated design of the Daytona re-interprets a classic TECHART wheel design of the past. At the time of the 996 models, TECHART’s Daytona wheel has been an accessory still sought-after ‘til this day. Today, genuine TECHART Daytona rims have become a collector’s item. The new TECHART Daytona II is an evolution of this design, engineered using modern forging technology.

TECHART Daytona II forged wheels are available in 20-inch and 21-inch diameters fitting the mixed tire configuration of newer 911 models as well as in 22-inch sizes for the Cayenne. Like every TECHART wheel, it can be configured individually in one- or two-tone color. The new wheel fits flush with the wheel arches creating a sporty appearance.

Individual Program

The individual color match of your TECHART wheels offers even more opportunities to add to your personal taste: color-coordinated with your brake calipers, aligned with your interior decorative stitching, bi- or multi-color painted, with a matt surface finish or with a distinctive wheel edge in contrast color. In other Words: just the way you saw it in your head.

TECHART wheels will set your Porsche apart – even from other Porsches. 

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