Why Choose Volk Racing ZE40 Wheels?

The Volk Racing ZE40 wheels features a 10 spoke design, with each spoke sporting a beautiful finish and engineered for reduced weight. Upon first glance, the ZE40 might appear visually similar to the Volk Racing CE28, since they both share a 10 spoke design, however, they are significantly different. The ZE40 shares the same forged aluminum construction that you’ll find on other Volk Racing wheels, making these wheels incredibly lightweight and strong.

One of the unique features of the ZE40 is the knurled bead which reduces the chance of the tire slipping on the bead. This is a great feature to have in any high-grip or high-power application. In addition to that, ZE40’s spokes come with 4 distinct concave faces, contingent on the width and offset of the ZE40 you choose. The wheel center, meanwhile, integrates a fresh overhang design to make it stronger and more stylish.


  • Elegant 10 Spoke Design
  • Forged aluminum single piece construction
  • 17” - 19” sizes
  • JWL+2 Spec 2
  • Lightweight and strong

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