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Aeromotions R.Splitter Nissan GT-R R35 09-16




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The R35 splitter was designed to win. The aero was tuned through full computer simulation. Notice the CNC machined venturies on the bottom of the splitter. They perfectly feed air into the factory venturis built into the Nissan OEM bumper. The composite material is built for endurance racing. It's wear and abrasion resistance are unmatched. The 3-piece design allows you to easily replace part of the splitter if you manage to take a corner off.

  • High downforce, low drag
  • Wind tunnel tested and race-proven
  • Amarin fiber construction
Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Nissan GTR

Aeromotions builds the most advanced aero packages on the race track. The heart of an Aeromotions wing is their signature high downforce, low drag airfloil. Wind tunnel tested and race-proven, Dynamic Wings shave seconds off your lap time. Fully automatic, computer controlled, these wings provide huge downforce so you can corner faster, drag reduction on the straightaways so you can go faster, and airbraking to stop faster. Welcome to the future of aerodynamics.

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