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Alta Performance 15-Percent Reduction Supercharger Pulley V2 Mini Cooper S 02-06

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Alta Performance

Model #AMP-ENG-200V2

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In 2002 ALTA Performance was the first manufacturer to design a two piece, taper fit Mini Cooper Supercharger Pulley. Today, It is the most imitated design on the market. Their latest version of the ALTA pulley has taken pulley design to the next level. Installation is easier than ever, and the results are even more fantastic. The ALTA supercharger pulley will increase your MINI s horsepower by 20WHP. No additional modifications to the engine or ECU are required.

The ALTA supercharger pulley features a stainless steel supercharger shaft coupler with installation site aperture and direct torque technology. The ultra light aluminum body decreases rotational inertia and overall weight. Over-sized belt retainers and grooved teeth increase belt grip. A decorative end cap faceplate provides a clean sleek look.


With the simple installation of this pulley and no other modifications boost is raised 3-5 psi and engine output by 15 to 20 horse power. No other modifications to ECU required. Customers with other existing modifications, such as Cold Air Intake, Cat-Back Exhaust, or Crank Pulley will see even better results! Regardless the first time you hit the gas pedal, you will immediately feel the difference!

Pulley Size

ALTA Pulleys are offered in two sizes: 15 and 17% reductions. The 15% pulley is the market standard and produces smooth, safe power increases. For those seeking a bit more power, the 17% is the ideal choice! Builds boost at lower RPM s giving you even more power down low where you need it, combined with another 1.5 lbs at redline gives you the extra HP to conquer even the toughest challenge!

Ease of Installation

Simply lift the engine, remove stock pulley using the ALTA Version 2.0 pulley puller and slide your new ALTA Performance Version 2.0 pulley directly onto the supercharger shaft. Tighten the bolts, lower the engine back into place and your done! There is no longer reason to remove the entire supercharger to pull off and press on a pulley.


The ultra light weight 6061T6 aluminum pulley body decreases rotational inertia and overall weight. Over-sized belt retainers and grooved belt teeth, preventing belts from jumping off, and increase belt grip. Cooling holes are drilled into the belt retainers to keep pulley temps in check. A decorative end cap faceplate provides a clean sleek look. Pulley body and shafts are balanced to within .02 grams (even better than stock.)

Design-Shaft Coupler

The ALTA Performance SuperCharger pulley features a stainless steel supercharger shaft coupler with installation site aperture and ALTA are the first to offer Direct Torque Technology( DTT ). The end of the shaft coupler is open and allows you to visibly see that the shaft collar is fully seated. DTT grips the supercharger shaft better then any press fit pulley and will work for those consumers who have had other pulleys slip and cause damage to the supercharger shaft. The ALTA hub will attach to supercharger shafts that have been worn down as much as .020".


  • 15% Reduction for up to 20WHP Gains (with added modifications)
  • No ECU tuning necessary!
  • Easy Installation - Supercharger removal not necessary!
  • Ultra Light Weight 6061T6 Aluminum Construction
  • Direct Torque Technology
  • Mini Cooper S 1.6L Supercharged 02-06

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Mini Cooper S

About ALTA Performance

ALTA Performance manufactures and supplies the best MINI Cooper products available on the market today. ALTA produces a complete lineup of MINI Cooper parts that covers everything from performance modification to suspension upgrades and engine tuning. The company has been a pioneer and leader in the aftermarket performance industry since its inception more than 20 years ago. ALTA Performance will help take your vehicle to the next level and impress whether it be in daily driving, on the track, or at car shows. 

ALTA Performance uses only the finest materials and skilled laborers here in the United States, so you can rest assured that you are getting quality and value with every purchase. Its customer service, sales, and technical staff are always available to answer questions and guide you in the right direction. ALTA Performance considers it a privilege and honor to serve the automotive community.

History of ALTA Performance

ALTA Performance was founded in 1996 when owner Adam Taft, began to sell important performance parts from his parents’ architectural business in Beaverton, Oregon. Two years later, Adam rented space in a small retail store in an industrial part. It was at this point that ALTA Performance hired employees and began supplying inventory. Under the name ALTA Sports, it became the premier Honda tuning and aftermarket specialist in the Portland, Oregon area. 

In 2002, ALTA Performance started offering aftermarket Subaru products because the Honda market became oversaturated. The Subaru products were so popular that the company dropped all its other ones. Jeff Perrin joined the ALTA staff as an installer and tech; at this time, ALTA began manufacturing some Subaru parts under the PERRIN brand name. PERRIN and ALTA parts were selling like hotcakes and the company was forced to move once again to a larger warehouse. ALTA Performance added new vehicle lines to its portfolio like the EVO and Scion.

In 2007, ALTA Performance purchased a 25,000 square-foot facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. With room to grow, the brand could now add more production and office staff. For the first time since ALTA started manufacturing auto parts, it had a real showroom for local customers to visit and an in-house dyno for testing and tuning. Today, ALTA Performance continues to grow and has come a long way since its inception in 1996, where all of its inventory literally fit on a baker’s rack. 

ALTA Performance at Vivid Racing

If you are looking to add some oomph to your MINI vehicle, you have come to the right place. Vivid Racing carries an extensive lineup of ALTA Performance parts, including air filters, antennas, cold air intakes, blow-off valves, handling arms, garage mounts, exhaust kits, intercoolers, turbo hoses, sway bars, and more! If you have any questions about the products listed above or need help finding an item, please contact our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.

The ASMC, LTD. (dba ALTA and PERRIN Performance) warrants to that original retail purchaser ("Purchaser") who holds title to the vehicle on which the parts are originally installed will, when delivered, substantially conform to the respective written Product description furnished to Purchaser. Products should be free from defects in material and workmanship (excludes cosmetics, coatings, and appearance and applies only to the function of the Product for its intended manner and purpose) within a sixty (60) month period from the date of purchased (purchased on or after October 1st 2010)( Cat-Back Exhaust Systems have a limited LIFETIME Warranty from the date of purchase after January, 1st 2010 ) and will perform in accordance with provided original operating instructions if properly installed, used and serviced on passenger cars. Should a product(s) become defective within such period, purchaser will submit a claim at their cost and return the defective Product to ASMC, LTD. with an accompanying Return Manufacturer Authorization number (RMA) and the sales receipt stating the defects and the circumstances under which the defect occurred in which case ASMC, LTD. will examine, and upon establishing Purchaser's validity of claim, at its sole discretion repair the Product(s), exchange the Product(s), or refund the purchase price, which shall fully satisfy and discharge any and all warranty claims. Warranty related inquires should be addressed to the following address: ALTA and PERRIN Performance c/o Warranty Service 3111 NE Shute Rd. Hillsboro Oregon 97124 and must have the RMA# on the outside of every box received. This warranty extends only to the Product(s) installed in such vehicle model as specified for the respective Product(s) and does not extend to any Product(s) (i) which has been used or operated inconsistent with its intended use, (ii) has not been properly installed by a qualified licensed auto mechanic experienced in the installation of the Product(s), (iii) installed in a vehicle that has been used for racing or off road use only (Product(s) specifically designated for "off-road" use may be submitted for warranty claim. ASMC, LTD. holds sole discretion to warranty claims on those Product(s) not to exceed the sixty month limitation above.) , (iv) which was modified or repaired by anyone other than ASMC, LTD. personnel, (v) damaged because of misuse, neglect, accident or improper installation or service, (vi) Sold or used outside the United States of America. In addition, the warranty shall NOT apply to catalytic converters, electrical products, and all components not manufactured by ASMC, LTD. Manufacturers and user of motor vehicles incorporating ASMC, LTD. products should at all times take necessary precautions against damage to persons or property resulting from malfunction of the products.

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