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Cusco Pinion Distance Collar Scion FRS 13-16

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Model #965 029 DC

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The Cusco Pinion Distance Collar is made to be more solid and is designed to withstand the abuse of constant acceleration and deceleration. Cusco's Pinion Distance Collar is recommended for vehicles putting out more power and torque than factory spec. Inside the rear differential member lies the gears and mechanisms of the limited slip differential. Once the LSD is upgraded to a clutch-type unit and more load and power is transferred to the rear end, factory components can quickly begin to fail. Typically, the rear pinion spacer that is located on the pinion gear shaft can start to become crushed and cause excessive play between the pinion and ring gear. Use of this Pinion Distance Collar requires the use of OEM Nissan Shim in order to properly install and use.

Shims Required (OEM Nissan Part#) with Cusco PDC:
  • 3.81 mm (38125-61001)
  • 3.83 mm (38126-61001)
  • 3.85 mm (38127-61001)
  • 3.87 mm (38128-61001)
  • 3.89 mm (38129-61001)
  • 3.91 mm (38130-61001)
  • 3.93 mm (38131-61001)
  • 3.95 mm (38132-61001)
  • 3.97 mm (38133-61001)
  • 3.99 mm (38134-61001)
  • 4.01 mm (38135-61001)
  • 4.03 mm (38136-61001)
  • 4.05 mm (38137-61001)
  • 4.07 mm (38138-61001)
  • 4.09 mm (38139-61001)
  • Scion FRS 13-16
  • For any questions regarding this product please contact a Vivid Racing Performance Specialist
  • Pictures used for marketing purposes only, actual product may vary.
CUSCO has a brilliant record and history in the top categories of track racing, rallying, dirt trials and gymkhana. By staying continuously in touch with each cars potential and character, they can create settings for almost any car. From this experience in motorsports, they developed confidence in their CUSCO brand for street use. The CARROSSER competition products are developed one by one from their broad and long experience in competing in motorsports, and based on their extensive data and know-how. CUSCO responds to those who appreciate such matters, like driving a car or controlling its performance.

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