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Deaver Suspension U bolt kits 3/4


Deaver Suspension

Model #U bolt kits 3/4

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Originated in 1892, Deaver Spring, Inc. (formerly known as Deaver Spring Manufacturing Company) has been the leader in vehicle suspension specializes in suspension work on cars, trucks, 4x4's and Recreational Vehicles, which is to say anything with a suspension.


  • 3/4" diameter U-Bolt Kits
  • includes U-Bolt, Nuts and Washers
  • specify the Inside Width and Lenght from Bend to End of Thread

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About Deaver Suspension

For more than 125 years, Deaver Suspension has been the leader in vehicle suspension. The company has been around since the time when the horse and buggy was the primary mode of transportation. Having experienced several ups and downs in suspension systems over the years, Deaver Suspension has earned a reputation for being an expert in the field. The only thing that has not changed since its inception is Deaver Suspension's reputation for being the suspension specialists.

The History of Deaver Suspension

Deaver Spring, Inc. (formerly known as Deaver Spring Manufacturing Company) was founded in 1892 by Frank Deaver. In his early days as a blacksmith, Deaver served the surrounding farms by making and repairing their tools, taking on fabrication jobs, and serving horse and buggy carriages. Deaver also had a local contract for replacing the rubber cord on wagon wheels.

Over the next 100-plus years, the surroundings greatly evolved and so did the demands of suspension services. As New Age machinery took over, there was less of a need for small-time manufacturing. The demand for servicing, altering, and replacing leaf springs, however, grew. By the late 1980s, leaf springs accounted for nearly 80 percent of Deaver Spring’s business. As the 2000s approached, the company turned all of its attention to the leaf spring market. Deaver began working within the automotive industry helping to develop and design leaf springs that improved ride quality, carried more weight, and performed better on and off the road.

What Does Deaver Suspension Do?

Today, Deaver Spring has a network of more than 95 distributors all around the globe. The brand focuses on passenger cars, trucks, 4x4s, and recreational vehicles. In other words, if it has a suspension, Deaver Spring can work on it. Deaver can repair the springs on a family car, weekend driver, and even on a Baja 1000 4x4. 

The brand boasts an impressive portfolio, too. Deaver has done work on cars owned by Jay Leno, Reggie Jackson, and Boyd Coddington. The company has even repaired the springs on Bonnie and Clyde’s car. With four generations of experience under its belt, Deaver Spring has seen it all and garnered solid knowledge of everything there is to know about suspension systems. 

Find Deaver Suspension at Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing carries an extensive lineup of quality Deaver Spring suspension parts for a variety of different makes and models. Our Deaver inventory includes springs, lift kits, leaf springs, and leaf spring accessories such as U-bolts and bushing kits. If you have any questions regarding the products listed above, please call our specialized sales team at (480) 966-3040.