Ferodo DS3-12 Brake Pads BMW 2014-2021 | FCP4611G
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Ferodo DS3-12 Brake Pads BMW 2014-2021

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Replacement pads for OEM calipers

Released in 2019, the DS3.12 is the latest evolution in Ferodo's incredible DS line. Sports cars today have more of everything: more horsepower, more sophisticated aero, higher curb weights, and stickier tires. These attributes place serious demands on a vehicle's brake system. The Ferodo DS3.12 is the modern pad compound designed from the start to explicitly to handle those demands. Out of all the pad compounds we've ever tested, from all manufacturers, the DS3.12 shows the flattest torque curve across the broadest temperature range. That means that on every turn, on every track you drive, on every lap, your brake pedal is going to feel almost exactly the same, providing tremendous consistency and repeatability. The DS3.12 has a higher mu than Ferodo's other compounds, so not as much leg pressure is required to initiate the desired response. It is also unfadable, showing no drop in performance at any temp your brakes will ever see. In dyno testing, the DS3.12 has shown superior wear rates to the other Ferodo compounds, while remaining kind to the discs. We believe the DS3.12 will become the gold standard to which other race compounds will be compared.

Key Features:

  • Fade Resistance and Max Operating Temperature:DS3.12 has the greatest max operating temp and fade resistance of any pad in the Ferodo lineup. On our dyno we took this compound through repeated series of stops over 1600°F with no fade, and we?re unaware of anyone ever fading this compound in real-world use.
  • Durability / Wear Rate (Miles per Pad Swap):The DS3.12 is an endurance racing pad and is the longest-lasting pad in the Ferodo DS lineup, as proven on both our brake dynamometer, track testing, and client race reports. It?s tough to pinpoint the actual number, but all data suggests something along the lines of 15% longer pad wear than the Ferodo DS1.11. This compound has now had several winning seasons in GT endurance racing around the world. The higher mu of the 3.12 will wear discs a little faster than the DS1.11, but overall, they are still easy on discs vs. other race pad brands when run at track temps.
  • Feel, Feedback, Stability, and Torque Curve (Not Ranked in Any Order):DS3.12 has a considerably higher mu (coefficient of friction) than the other pads in the Ferodo lineup. That means they will feel ?grabbier? when the brakes are applied, particularly at track temperatures. Some people find them borderline too grabby on street tires, and ABS will intervene with less leg force than it will with the other Ferodo compounds. Those switching from other Ferodo compounds to the DS3.12 typically need a few sessions to relearn how to apply their brakes. You don?t need to stand on the brake pedal to get a response, and they respond extremely well to proper squeezing or brushing of the brakes to settle the car.The DS3.12 torque curve is table-top flat, which means they respond the same way to pedal inputs at all temperatures. The top drivers love them for this incredible consistency, as they always feel the same throughout an entire lap or race. On the Essex dyno, the DS3.12 showed the flattest, most consistent torque curve of any pad compound from any brand ever tested.
  • Manners (Cold Bite, Noise, Dust, Disc Wear):The DS3.12 has low to moderate cold bite. You do need to give yourself a little extra space on the first couple stops when they are cold. As with any higher mu race pads, they will wear your discs significantly faster than a road pad when run cold. They are virtually silent on most applications, making them extremely rare among race pads, which typically squeal like a stuck pig when run cold! The dust is heavier than the DS2500, but most people don?t have any trouble removing it.
  • Price:The DS3.12 is the culmination of 100-2021 years of Ferodo pad research and development and is the costliest compound to produce in Ferodo?s lineup. It is leveraged by championship-winning race teams around the globe and carries a premium price that is comparable to other elite-level options.Keep in mind however, that DS3.12 is one of the longest-lasting options available, and your actual track miles per dollar may be considerably higher with the DS3.12 vs. other alternatives. The fact that they can potentially eliminate the need to purchase multiple sets of pads (and spend valuable time constantly swapping them) makes them an even greater bargain.
  • Compound: DS3.12
  • BMW M3 F80 Iron Discs 2015-2020
  • BMW M4 F82 Iron Discs 2015-2020
  • BMW M235i F22 2014-2016
  • BMW M2 F87 2016-2018
  • BMW M240i F22 2017-2018

Other Part Numbers:
Ferodo #11 FCP4611G-N

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Vehicle Engine Notes

BMW M235i

BMW M240i



Federal-Moguls Ferodo brand was born in England in 1897. The founder of Ferodo was Herbert Frood who set up the first company in the world to be entirely dedicated to the design and manufacture of friction products. Today, Ferodo products are specified by the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers and are used by many of the top names in motorsports. The Ferodo product range includes some of the most advanced braking materials available.

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