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Frogz Skin 4pcs Nose Vent


Frogz Skin

Model #F0125

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Frogzskin’s Universal Kits can be used in multiple locations, in combination with multiple sizes, or model specific kits to maximize cooling airflow.

Straightline performance has an exciting line of vents from Frogzskin. These vents have been proven to help remove excess heat from under the hood increasing horsepower and belt life. Their patent pending design utilizes the latest technology in Micro-Fiber materials. Vents provide you with easy economical protection that looks great!


  • Material is woven to specific quality standards allowing maximum air-flow and hydrophobic characteristics to repel water and snow
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Industrial grade adhesive is tested in excess of -40°
  • Designed to be an easy peel and stick application
  • Works with plastic OEM vents to protect from fine powder snow and debris
  • Patent Pending design produces a thin low profile vent, which eliminates snow build-up on or around vents
  • No unsightly rivets, screws, snaps or bulky frames
  • Universal kits can be used in multiple locations in combination with multiple sizes to maximize cooling and air flow
  • Model specific nose vent kits allow air-flow to reduce power robbing under-hood heat from building up all while keeping out snow and debris
  • Nose vent kits virtually eliminate heavy snow and ice build up in the nose and belly pan area

Other Part Numbers:
Frogz Skin #241-29631

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Frogz Skin?s manufactured in the United States can be utilized in multiple locations in conjunction with a variety of sizes or model-specific kits in order to maximize cooling airflow. Frogz Skin's manufacturing process employs the most advanced Micro-Fiber material technology, woven to precise quality standards, allowing for maximum airflow and hydrophobic properties to repel snow and water. To meet the stringent requirements of aftermarket and OEM manufacturers, industrial-grade adhesives tested at temperatures below -40?F are employed. The patent-pending design of the Frogz Skin produces a thin, low-profile vent that does not trap snow and debris. There are no unsightly rivets, screws, snaps, or bulky frame structures. Industrial adhesives make peel-and-stick applications quick and simple. Frogz Skin's work with the OEM plastic vents to provide protection against fine powder snow and debris, ideal for snowy conditions, provides simple and affordable protection while looking great.


Frogz Skin Vents represent the most recent innovation in engineered intake and cooling vents. Their patent-pending design creates a thin, flexible OEM-appearing vent that can be applied to virtually any curved or contoured surface. The model-specific nose vent kit designs allow airflow to reduce power-robbing under-hood heat buildup while preventing snow and debris from entering the engine compartment, effectively preventing the accumulation of snow and ice in the nose and belly pans. Universal Kits from Frogz Skin can be utilized in multiple locations in conjunction with multiple sizes or model-specific kits to maximize cooling airflow.

The open design of Frogz Skin increases airflow to reduce performance loss caused by heat saturation. For improved performance and belt longevity, clutches operate at lower temperatures. Side exhaust vents allow heat to escape and prevent it from building up under the hood. In addition, the radio vent kit piece fits atop the BC Link 2.0 radio's speaker and microphone area. The Frogz Skin BCA 2.0 Vent Kit prevents water, snow, dirt, and other particles from entering the BC Link 2.0 Radio's speaker and microphone area.


Their product line features hood vent kits, nose vent kits, intake air vents, side panel kits, exhaust vent covers, vents, headlight delete kits, clutch side vent kits, radio vent kits, snow bike vent kits, primary clutch exhaust vents, footwell vent kits, knee vent kits, and many more.


The products of Frogz Skin included in Vivid Racing are radio accessories, scoops, cowls, vent kits, radio vent kits, circle vents, square vents, rectangle vents, triangle vents, hood vent kits, knee vents, and nose vents.

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