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Garrett G25-550 Reverse Rotation Non-Wastegated Turbo Assembly Kit



Model #871390-5004S

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The G-Series G25-550 turbochargers are compatible with 1.4L - 3.0L engine displacements and capable of producing up to 550 horsepower. G Series 25 turbochargers are smaller and outflow all comparable products on the market. New compressor and turbine aero combined with high temperature resistant materials allowed engineers to push the limits of performance.

A new name designates a new generation of industry leading technology and innovation.

Understanding the Name G25-550:

  • G designates 81 years of Garrett heritage.
  • 25 classifies the size of the frame.
  • The remaining 3 digits identify the max horsepower rating of the turbocharger. (ie 550).

Forged fully-machined compressor wheel and new aerodynamics increase maximum horsepower output and boost response. The CFD (computational fluid dynamics) engineered compressor wheel increases air flow up to 15% for 60mm and 30% for 67mm with 79-80% efficiency. (Compared to GTX GenII). The compressor housing features a fully machined ported shroud to help reduce compressor surge. A fully machined speed sensor port provides enthusiasts the option to add the new G Series speed sensor to measure turbocharger shaft speed, a key factor in determining ideal operating conditions. The new speed sensor is easy to install and does not need to be adjusted for length like previous sensors. Simply remove and plug, then insert the speed sensor and tighten the bolt. The new speed sensor is sold separately and is not compatible with GT and GTX sensors due to the new design and sizing. The addition of an o-ring between the compressor housing and backplate reduces the possibility of boost pressure leakage.

  • Horsepower: 300 - 500
  • Displacement: 1.4L - 3.0L
  • Reverse Rotation
  • Compressor:
    • Inducer: 48mm
    • Exducer: 60mm
    • Trim: 65
    • A/R: 0.70
  • Turbine:
    • Inducer: 54mm
    • Exducer: 49mm
    • Trim: 84
  • Turbine Housing:
    • A/R: 0.72
    • Inlet: V-Band
    • Outlet: V-Band
    • Wastegate: No
    • Divided: No
Techinical Documents:

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Who is Garrett?

When automotive guys hear the brand Garrett, the first thing that comes to mind is turbos. Garrett has been associated with turbochargers since it began in the 1950s. John Clifford Garrett, the company’s founder, was initially working on aircraft tools and supply. He then, later on, developed a turbocharger for a Caterpillar D9 crawler tractor which jumpstarted the beginning of the turbocharged area for all land-based vehicles, specifically the automotive industry.

Today, the company has sold its products to approximately 100 million vehicles and is still growing every year.

Trusted by Everyone

Garett has consistently made high-quality precision products that they have become the turbo supplier of some of the top automotive brands in the world. They have provided better performance, greater torque, and improved fuel efficiency while still being reliable to be used daily.

Chosen by Champions

In the early days, racing cars tend to use superchargers as their source of horsepower, but with the introduction of turbochargers, it has given racers other alternatives to improve the performance of their race cars. Garrett turbos are now being used by different racing disciplines around the world which includes Formula one, FiA World rally, and the 24 Hrs of Le Mans, just to name a few.

Continuous Innovation

Garrett has always pushed itself to provide its customers the best. With the advancement in automotive technology, Garrett has also helped revolutionize the industry by setting their mark on hybrid and electric powered vehicles.

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If you are in search of a product that can dramatically improve your vehicle performance, then Garrett is the brand for you. With over 60 years of experience, they were able to gain the trust of multiple car enthusiasts and car manufacturers. They have cemented their position as the industry leader when it comes to turbochargers. Visit Vivid Racing and see the list of their products specific for your needs.

Garrett warrants to Buyer that at the time of shipment and for the Warranty Period: (i) the Product will be free from defects in workmanship and materials, and (ii) the Product will comply with the drawings, specifications, vehicle applications, and vehicle operating conditions set forth in the applicable mutually agreed and signed Turbocharger or Thermal Release Agreement ("TRA"). If a TRA is not signed by the Parties, then warranty is limited to (i) only.
    11.2.1 Services will be performed in a competent and professional manner, by qualified personnel under the direction of and control of Garrett, and in accordance with industry standards.
This Limited Warranty does not apply to prototype, development, and preproduction products. All prototype, development, and pre-production Products are accepted by Buyer on an "AS IS" basis with no warranties whatsoever. Furthermore, Garrett shall not be responsible for any Nonconformance if the Product has been exposed or subjected to any:
  1. use of the Product on an engine, vehicle, or vehicle application other than specified in the applicable agreed and signed TRA; or
  2. operation of an engine, vehicle, or vehicle application outside of the limits and operating parameters including, but not limited to, pressures, rotational speed, or temperature specified in the applicable agreed and signed TRA; or
  3. maintenance, repair, overhaul, installation, storage, operation or use, which is improper or not in accordance with Garrett's instructions, manuals, or specifications; or
  4. use of the Product in racing or competition vehicles of any kind, or for other than automotive purposes such as but not limited to aerospace or marine use, or other use exceeding the limitations established by Garrett, or are installed on engines, or vehicles, or vehicle applications not specifically approved by Garrett; or
  5. alteration, modification, including by "tuning," or repair by anyone other than Garrett or those specifically authorized by Garrett;
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  8. damage caused by failure of any hardware or software not supplied by Garrett or a Garrett supplied Product not under warranty.
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