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KWT X2 Particle Separator Polaris RZR PRO XP 2020-2022


KWT Filters

Model #SQ1587840

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All engines rely on a clean and continuous air supply for proper operation. The KWT Particle separator is a revolutionary prefilter that separates clean air and unwanted particulates before the airflow ever reaches your stock air filter. This both prolongs the life of your stock filter and preserves optimal engine performance. Unlike other products, the KWT Particle Separator requires no fan, electricity, or other moving parts. Using a patent pending advanced disruptive airflow technology the filter quietly and efficiently removes up to 98% of particulates before the airflow reaches your stock filter.

The KWT X2 Particle Separator has updated innovative cyclonic technology, increased air flow, higher efficiency at removing dirt and dust particles. It comes with a larger detachable dirt collection chamber with easy access to remove dirt. The standard kit and mounting solution comes with two arm brackets and two roll bar clamps. The universal mount is a single point U-shaped bracket with various mounting options and comes with one roll bar clamp.

KWT Filter technology stems from a long history of providing product solutions for the Department of Defense and Commercial Aerospace customers. We take extensive measures and test planning to ensure our products are tested and vetted before going into production. Soldiers lives and commercial satellites depend on it. The KWT filter is a new patent pending technology that has been ISO 5011 and Dyno tested. The KWT Particle Separator offers an affordable and highly effective safeguard from diminished performance and permanent engine damage. Because the Separator requires no electricity, installation is done quickly and easily with basic tools. The Separator operates quietly without the need for loud fans or other moving parts prone to wear and tear and eventual malfunction. The elegance of design makes the KWT Particle Separator more affordable so it pays for itself after avoiding just a couple filter changes. Other products on the market are either largely ineffective or too expensive to make economic sense as an after-market supplement.

View Installation Instructions: HERE

Why Choose KWT Particle Separators:

  • No Power Required
  • Easy Installation
  • No Noisy Fans
  • Race Proven
  • Extends Air Filter Life
  • Various Mounting Options
How it works
  1. Dirt is intercepted by patented Cyclonic Technology ahead of your air filter
  2. Particles are filtered into removable dirt tray for easy removal and cleaning
  3. Clean Air flows our to your air filter
  4. Up to 98% of all dirt particles are caught before reaching your UTV's air filter
  • All RZR kits include a standard 5' of ducting.
  • A 4" hole saw is recommended for installation which can be purchased with your kit.
  • Standard RZR roll bar tube size is 1.75". It is recommended to check size of your roll bar tube.
  • The Particle Separator comes with all the components (e.g., clamps, hoses) necessary for installation

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

Vehicle Engine Notes
Polaris RZR Pro XP


KWT's filter-less technology extends the lifespan of stock off-road filters by up to one year. No energy needed and no noise. Join them in safeguarding your engine and extending the life of your filter. Kros-Wise Technological (KWT), Inc., founded in 2004, is a renowned business and engineering solutions firm that focuses largely on Department of Defense Consulting. KWT is a sub-division founded in 2017 to provide customers with technology products based on their technical expertise in aviation and defense solutions. The KWT Particle Separator functions silently, utilizing cutting-edge, patent-protected, energy-free passive technology. Utilizing mathematical techniques and three-dimensional modeling, the original concept was uncovered and refined before being thoroughly field-tested using prototypes in desert settings. Enjoy a system that protects your engine, allows you to spend more time off-road, and provides your engine with the fresh air it needs with no operating noise.

Ken Larson, KWT's chief technology officer, is a passionate off-road enthusiast. After spending over two decades riding the desert's dirt roads and countless weekends replacing air filters on off-road automobiles after only a few rides, he realized there must be a better method to increase the life of air filters. Ken has been a distinguished aerodynamicist in the aviation sector for more than 30 years. He developed the KWT Particle Separator by combining his enthusiasm for off-road cruising with his technical expertise to create the device. After years of research and development, the Separator's revolutionary technology decreases up to 98 percent of dirt particles before air enters the filter of your off-road vehicle, increasing the filter's life by up to one year. Non-KWT systems use an audible fan and obsolete technology to filter airborne particles.


All engines require a constant supply of clean air to function properly. The KWT Particle Separator is a novel prefilter that filters air from undesirable particles before the airflow reaches the conventional air filter. This extends the life of the factory filter and maintains engine performance. The KWT Particle Separator, unlike other products, does not require a fan, electricity, or any other moving parts. Using a patent-pending disruptive airflow technique, the filter removes up to 98 percent of particulate matter before the airflow reaches your factory filter, extending the life of your vehicle's air filter by up to a year. Continuous clean airflow is maintained by the KWT Particle Separator to sustain engine performance. The patented cyclonic technique of the KWT Particle Separator does not require electrical power and can be installed in about 20 minutes on a vehicle's existing roll cage. Their technology has a long history of supplying the Department of Defense and commercial aerospace with product solutions. Before putting their items into production, they take extensive precautions and plan for rigorous testing. Human life and commercial satellites are dependent on it. The KWT filter is a patent-pending innovation that has been ISO 5011 and Dyno-tested.


Their product line features mounting clamps, hanging brackets, hose extension hole saw sets, apparel, Polaris filters, Can-am filters, and many more.


The products of KWT Filters in Vivid Racing include hole saws, duct hose extensions, mounting clamps, standard mounting arm brackets, universal hanging brackets, and particle separators.

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