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Who is Performance Friction?

Performance Friction (PFC) is an aftermarket company that is known for creating high-quality brake components. They specialize in creating brake parts for various automotive vehicles and aims to set standards and exceed the expectation of their customers. Today, the company has amassed a great number of followers and has become a recognized brand all over the globe.

Pushing the Boundaries

The company has pushed itself in developing innovative products that outperform the competition. Built with passion, they understand that building a good product stems out from dedication and knowing the actual needs of the customers.

Good for the Environment

The company has helped revolutionized the way brake parts are made. They were the first to develop an asbestos-free component that would allow them to stop 690,000-pound vehicles running at 35 mph. They have also introduced their patented zero drag and zero failure rotors. Using a specialized manufacturing technique and materials with anti-corrosion properties, they are able to create products that are not just safe to use but are environmentally friendly.

Motorsport Participation 

Performance Friction also has its fair share of motorsport racing experience. PFC brake components are being used by top racing teams specifically in Nascar where they won a Winston Cup back in 2016. They have used what they have learned from this and applied it to their product creating a brake component that would be able to withstand any harsh condition and guarantees not to fail on you especially when you need it. It the most.

Purchase Performance Friction Products at Vivid Racing

If you want quality brake components for your vehicle, then check out what Performance Friction has to offer. Proven both on the street and on the track, they have gained the trust of many users worldwide. To know more about Performance Friction, visit Vivid Racing and check out their list of products that fit your specific need.