DIA2175X186S36L/R Alcon | Rear Disc Replacement Assembly Porsche 991 Turbo

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Alcon Rear Disc Replacement Assembly Porsche 991 Turbo



Model #DIA2175X186S36L/R

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With every great supercar comes an incredible braking system usually made in cooperation with Brembo Italy. Some cars such as the SRT Viper have a combination of Brembo calipers with StopTech rotors. But with the amazing engineering of the calipers, pads, and rotors to give the car a well balanced braking setup, you cannot get around the wear and tear of the brake components. Brake rotors and brake pads will always become a consumable item. This is where alternatives come into play to help offer up different solutions to improve upon the already amazing brake system. Vivid Racing partnered with Alcon UK to create this new 2 piece front and rear replacement rotors. The slotted curved rotors are the same diameter as stock and annulus to work with the factory 991 Turbo caliper. The slotted design typically provides better stopping power without compromising the rotors surface like a drilled design does under hard lap use. The hats are all CNC machined aluminum which can be reused if you need to replace just the disc. The rear rotor is designed to work with the electronic parking brake as well.

The installation is super straight forward even with the OEM centerlock setup. Before we installed the rotors, we decided to compare the weight of the 2 rotors. The stock front Brembo drilled rotor weighed 27.65lbs where the Alcon rotor weighed 26.40lbs. That is a savings of 1.25lbs per corner up front. Rotational weight has a factor of 3x so really that is a nice 3.75lbs of rotational weight saved. The rear rotors were a little different. The stock rear rotor weighed 23.95lbs and the Alcon was 24.50lbs. So this was a .55lb difference or about 1.65lbs of rotational weight heavier. The Brembo rotors use a 2 piece bobbin pin design where the Alcon uses a more traditional 2 piece floating rotor setup similar to that of the McLaren hardware with a spring clip, bolt, nut, and washer.

  • 2 Piece Rear Replacement Rotors
  • Slotted Curved Rotors
  • Same Diameter as Stock and Annulus to work with Factory Caliper
  • Provides Better Stopping Power without Compromising the Rotors Surface
  • Hats are CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Designed to Work with the Electronic Parking Brake
  • Rotor Weigh 24.50lbs
  • 2 Piece Floating Rotor Setup
  • Easy Installation
  • Porsche 991 Turbo 14-19
  • Pictures used for marketing purposes only, actual product may vary.

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Alcon supplies some of the world’s most prestigious marques including Audi, Bentley, Brabus and Jaguar Land Rover; as well as some of the most extreme applications such as the 900bhp/tonne Ariel Atom 500 and the 225mph Noble M600. Adept at delivering programmes that meet the stipulations of mainstream OEMs, but at a cost that can be borne by low volume runs, Alcon is experiencing rapidly growing demand for its capabilities in this sector. That same expertise is also available to owners upgrading their street cars for enhanced performance on road or track: Alcon Advantage Extreme brake kits and upgraded clutches are available through our global network of specialist tuners and distributors.

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