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Baja Designs LED Light Kit W/Headlight Shell Squadron Pro KTM 2014+


Baja Designs

Model #497091

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Specifically designed for those riders who are looking for more than just your average headlight. The Squadron Pro LED KTM 2014-2016 w/Headlight Kit is in a league of its own, producing 4,900 lumens and 40 watts giving you the perfect mix of power and performance.

The Squadron Pro LED KTM 2014-2016 w/Headlight Kit has been meticulously designed by our engineers to give our riders an extremely light weight (1.85 lbs) race light, while presenting a unique style and appearance that you will only find from Baja Designs. The Squadron Pro LED KTM 2014-2016 w/Headlight Kit is plug and play making for an easy install. An industry first 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty is included for the ultimate in purchase protection.

Note: Electric start bikes that require a stator modification or rewind will have to the purchase a switch and wiring harness kit.
For Electric-Start Bikes: Some electric-start bikes require the stator to be modified or rewound as well as the addition of a new rectifier/regulator to run LED lights. If your bike requires a new rectifier/regulator please order part (12-2004) (please provide year/make/model of bike). Detailed stator modification instructions and hardware is included for all bikes that require a stator modification to run LED lights. If your bike requires the stator to be rewound, please call Baja Designs for an order confirmation number to have this service performed.

Baja Designs Features:
Light Pattern: Driving/Combo: Maximum trail coverage in a single light. The Driving/Combo pattern is equipped with both wide cornering (10 degree) and Spot (9 degree) optics to provide you with a smooth blend of light for both near field applications and distance (Lighting Zone 3)

  • Satisfactions Guarantee 30 Day Money Back
  • Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Complete Purchase Protection
  • uService Replaceable Lenses And Optics
  • ClearView All The Light, Right Where You Need It.
  • MoistureBlock Waterproof, Rain Proof, Submersible
  • CopperDrive Only LED Driven At 100 percent
  • 5000K Daylight Less Driver Fatigue, Natural Color


  • Lumens: 4,900 Utilizing 4 Cree LEDs
  • Wattage/Amps: 40W / 3.33A
  • Dimensions: 3.07 x 2.77 x 3.07 inch
  • Weight: 1.85 Lbs
  • LED Life Expectancy: 49,930 Hours
  • Front Lens: Hard Coated Polycarbonate
  • Housing: Hard Anodized and Powder Coated Cast Aluminum
  • Bezel: Billet Machined Aluminum
  • Hardware and Bracket Material: Stainless Steel
  • Exceeds MIL-STD810G (Mil-Spec Testing)
  • Built-In Overvoltage Protection
  • IP69K (Waterproof, Submersible to 9ft)
  • IK10 Compliant (Mechanical Impact Testing)


Squadron Pro LED KTM 2014-2016 w/Headlight Kit

Shipment Notes:

  • All Baja Design products require a minimmum 1 week assembly time before shipment.

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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White Toyota FJ Cruiser with Baja Designs lights in desert

Baja Designs

Baja Designs has been a leader in the off-road lighting industry for over 25 years. Today’s aftermarket is dominated by forward project LED light bars, which was initially developed by Baja Designs and used in the 2005 Baja 1000. They specialize in LED light bars, LED auxiliary lights, laser light bars, ATV and UTV lighting, and more. They refer to their team of engineering as “The Scientists of Lighting” thanks to their ability to push the industry forward and create new products. One of their latest innovations includes laser lights, offering unparalleled lighting distance compared to any other LED light bar on the market. Their products are 100% designed to be brighter, bolder, and better than any other lighting solution available.

Why Choose Baja Designs?

There are tons of different lighting companies on the market, why should you choose Baja Designs? There are a few reasons why you should choose a Baja Designs light bar, but they all relate to build quality, performance, and design.

Build Quality

What good is an off-road light if it can’t withstand the abuse of off-roading? Baja Designs lights are the toughest on the market, with an IP69k water/dust proof rating and MIL-STD-810G compliance. Baja Designs developed technology like their MoistureBlock power cord, which further improves water proofing even if you cut the plug off the end of the cord! Even if you can somehow break your Baja Designs light, they’ll back it up with their lifetime warranty.


Performance is one of the key factors when deciding what LED light bar you want to buy. Thanks to the insane amount of research and development on Baja Designs’ part, they’re able to offer the brightest lights on the market. They specifically use 5000k LEDs and invited technology such as CopperDrive which allows them to drive their LEDs at 100% without overheating. Further improving their performance is Baja Designs’ proprietary ClearView optics.


Once you add in lights, a sound system, and other accessories on your vehicle, your charging system may have a hard time keeping up with the demand. For this reason, Baja Designs created their new Battery Management Tech which allows the light bar to throttle its output if it detects a drop in below 13.5V in your vehicle's charging system. Baja Designs specifically uses replaceable lenses and optics to make it easy to fix your LED light bar if the need arises.

The Purpose of Amber Lighting

Baja Designs amber led light bars

When you’re out ripping around the desert, it can quickly become difficult to see if you’re following someone else or the conditions are dusty. The problem with standard LED light bars, is the light will just reflect off the dust particles and end up making it harder to see. This effect can be especially frustrating if you’re racing, as you’ll be driving blind. The purpose of an LED light bar is to cut through the dust and illuminate the trail. Amber light cuts through dust, snow, and fog better than white light because of orange light reflects off those objects compared to white light. The easier it is to see in low visibility conditions, the faster and safer you can drive!

Understanding Lighting Patterns

As you may have figured out by now, there are tons of different lighting patterns associated with LED light bars. The two most common beam patterns include flood and spot. Each beam pattern has a specific use, and neither one is better for general use. To put it simply, flood lights use a very side and broad beam pattern. This allows more of the trail or road to be lit up in front of you, but the light won’t travel far. Spot beam light bars are much tighter and won’t illuminate the entire trail, but the light is projected much further, allowing you to see much farther down the trail. For general trail riding, either one will work fine. If you plan on pre-running or racing, then a spot beam light bar will be a much better option. If you end up driving faster than you can see, it won’t be long until a bad situation arises. For those who need to see as far as possible, Baja Designs developed their Laser lights which offer unmatched lighting distance.

  • Warranties on our products vary by product and/or by industry, as listed below. All warranty returns require a Return Authorization form as described above.
  • Warranties cover defects in design and manufacturing only. Warranties do not cover, among other things: installation errors, wear and tear, acts of God, misuse, abuse, neglect, accidents, collisions, defects due to custom specifications provided by you, or any product modifications, configurations or combinations not performed by us or on our behalf. Also note the exceptions below for third-party products.
  • Warranty periods start on the shipment date.
  • For all warranty returns, we will pay the freight costs on the condition that you return the defective product within 90 days of delivery; otherwise, the product must be returned to us with freight prepaid by you. At our option and as the exclusive remedy, we will repair or replace the product in question, or issue credit. If an identical product is no longer available, we may replace with a similar product of comparable value.
Light Bars and Auxiliary Lights Used for Commercial Use: This covers the following industries: Agriculture, Industrial, Mining, and Public Safety.
  • Warranty Period: 5 years or 49,930 hours of operation, whichever comes first. You must be the original owner with proof of purchase upon claim or proof of product registration.
Light Bars and Auxiliary Lights Used for Recreational Automotive/Off Road: This covers lights bars and auxiliary lights.
  • Warranty Period: Limited lifetime warranty or 49,930 hours of operation, whichever comes first. You must be the original owner with proof of purchase upon claim or proof of product registration.
Third-Party Products: This covers brackets, wiring harnesses, dual sport kits, enduro kits, motorcycle accessories such as taillights, turn signals, brake switches, handlebar switches batteries, etc.
  • Pass-Through Warranty: We resell, and are not the manufacturer of, certain third-party products including those listed above. We make no express or implied warranties on third-party products and the warranty coverages above do not apply to these products. We will, however, pass through all warranties offered by the manufacturer, who has sole responsibility for processing warranty claims and returns. In all cases, unless otherwise agreed by the manufacturer, you must be the original owner with proof of purchase upon claim or proof of product registration.
  • Exceptions: NiCad DSK batteries carry a 90-day warranty, and dual sport kit switches carry a 1-year warranty.

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