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Forged Line - BBS Forged Line Wheels

BBS Forged Line

For supreme efficiency in a road wheel, you can't do better than the BBS Forged Lines. The construction of these 1-piece and 2-piece wheels begins with a 6000 series aluminum billet or unique magnesium alloy, which is then die-forged using up to 18 million pounds of pressure. BBS forged line wheels are lightweight, but very powerful and have an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. BBS machines the spokes using multi-axis CNC friction machines to further lighten select flow-formed and forged wheels.

This method was first used on BBS Formula 1 wheels, and computer simulation and destructive testing are conducted to make sure machine tools do not compromise resilience. Several other BBS wheels are fitted with a proprietary, polished steel rim protector. It can be replaced easily if you curb a wheel and otherwise damage the shield, saving the cost of replacing the entire wheel.

Forging is a method of non-cutting material forming in a hot, solid-state. They have been further improved in a complicated forging process to generate the highest degree of film thickness and weight reduction at a good performance from our high-strength and robust aluminum or magnesium alloys. This involves placing the pressurized star hub or the entire wheel blank in a press and compressing it at 5000 to 8000 tons of closing pressure during several work steps to further densify the material in a special form known as a matrix. The blank is heated repeatedly to approximately in between the individual work steps 400 degrees Celsius. As a result, particularly in high strain areas, an optimal material structure is obtained, the wheel can be structured smaller, making it lighter in weight.

BBS Forged Line Wheel Selection

  • Wheel Categories
    • Die Forged Series
    • Exclusive Series
    • Multi-Piece Series
  • Wheel Size: 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20", 21"
  • Finish: Variations of Silver, Black, Gold, Grey, Bronze
  • Configuration: 4x100 | 5x100 | 5x108 | 5x112 | 5x114.3 | 5x120 | 5x130
  • Offset (mm): 8~66
  • About the BBS Wheels

    BBS was originally founded in 1970 by Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand in Schiltach in the Black Forest. The corporate name is an acronym for Brand Schiltach of Baumgartner. Plastic car body parts were originally assembled at the factory until 1972 when a revolutionary three-piece motorsports wheel was developed there. This placed the firm in a strong position in the motorsports industry. The business began to expand slowly. The first international franchise was formed in France shortly afterward, the three-piece wheels were introduced for the retrofit market, and aftermarket sales started to rise. As a result of these successful advances, BBS became public in 1980, operating under the name BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG. Along with the establishment of a branch in Italy, the branches were founded in Japan and the USA after three more years.

    By enforcing targeted process optimization, BBS GmbH was able to accomplish productivity gains, which was applied to deepen trade relationships with market presence growth, structured marketing strategies, and the introduction of a national new product line. Today BBS has a year-round range of products on the aftermarket. Original equipment for leading car manufacturers remains a key part of the company, thanks to the high-quality levels of BBS and many years of expertise.

    Every wheel starts as an idea. For all the light-alloy wheels developed by BBS, several of these ideas are innovative concepts. And continually meeting and exceeding such great standards, advanced design, and manufacturing technology is an absolute requirement ??? as is a team of highly skilled motivated employees. BBS Motorsport Wheels has it all to offer!

    Advantage of BBS Forged Line as Spoke Wheel

    The spokes on your BBS Forged Line Wheels have the very important job of connecting the wheel's rim - outer diameter - to the plate at the center section of the wheel where the bolt holes and lugs connecting the wheel to the vehicle are kept. The spokes play a major part in deciding a wheel's total weight and strength. When designing and constructing a car, through Vivid Racing, BBS Forged Line Wheels will ensure that the spokes on the wheels they are using provide adequate capacity when considering things like the weight of the car, the performance, and the size of the tires that will be used.

    Chrome Wheels

    When properly cleaned, chrome wheels will last for years because they have one of the best tire coatings. The electroplating process renders chrome wheels extremely durable and resistant to rust, in addition to rendering a polished appearance. Except the robustness relies on routine repairs. If chrome wheels are not well cleaned, they can easily get dusty and turbid and can deteriorate for a long period of time due to accumulated brake dust and road salts, contributing to flaking.

    Lightweight Wheels

    For nearly all types of vehicles, there is a wide variety of lightweight metal wheels on the market. The BBS Forged Line wheels are one clear example of lightweight wheels. Consider your wheels lighter, and make the suspension even smoother. Each bump can be more readily and efficiently managed. It helps keep the BBS Forged Line Wheels and tire in contact with the asphalt for longer and is excellent news for vehicle stability and braking. Lightweight wheels are also easier to mount when replacing factory wheels. If you like a particular aftermarket wheel, then at least try to fit the weight of the stock wheel. If necessary it's easier to go lighter than stock.

    Why Switch to Vivid Racing as your Aftermarket Wheel Provider?

    Regardless of what styles or sizes you're interested in, the one thing you can depend on to come with every wheel or wheels and tires order is the best buying experience in the business.

    From fitment help from our in-house wheel experts to shipping packages, we'll take care of you and your order every step of the way. We know how much of a financial investment you're making in a set of wheels or wheels and tires, and in return, we'll deliver service and product that is second to none.

    At Vivid Racing, we simply love cars. Cars are our vice in life. We love the automotive community and love our customers who think like us.

    Finding a perfect wheel fitment is not an easy job. We fully understand it and we are here to help you find the best configuration of BBS Forged Line Wheels and tires for your car.

    There are a lot of wheel and tire and body kit manufacturers out there, and we pride ourselves in dealing with the best of them. We won't sacrifice your safety for a wheel and tire setup that isn't safe for your use of the vehicle. We won't allow you to walk away with a body kit that is less appropriate for its use either. Everything should give you and your car many years of reliable service.

    We specialize in double takes! Our passion, simply, is helping you to build the car you always dreamed of. Everyone has their favorite look, color, effect, and desires, and we are here to help you achieve your goal.

    Vivid Racing makes sure the spoke wheels, wire wheels, or off-road wheels are amazingly light while also supplying the vehicle with a decent amount of protection. These wheels are distinguished by the extra time they take to clean, because of the spokes you need to clean between them.

    Vivid Racing ensures that they meet the customer's expectations in terms of quality, size, and strength.

    The company always provides quality wheels that are used for applications where you need speed and good looks, such as for racing vehicles. They are also relatively resistant to corrosion.

    Everyone drives their cars differently. Some are daily drivers, some are race or off-road drivers, some drive only at a track, and others drive everywhere else. The roads you drive on make a huge difference in your wheel and tire choices, and we are here to help you understand the need for certain technologies in wheel and tire manufacturing to allow you the best combination for your needs, desires, and ultimately your vehicles use. We know what it takes to give you the look and safety and product that fits the needs of your car and you, the driver.

    While installing BBS Forged Line wheels doesn't improve your car's power by even just a single horsepower, it does provide an unmistakable racing feel to your driving experience. If you're hunting for BBS Forged Line Wheels or something else, Vivid Racing is the place to go! Our wide selection of wheels includes famous brands such as Hamann, Volk Racing, Enkei, and much more!

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