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DS18 4X40 Watts 1 Zones 4 volts Output BT RDS Marine Headunit LCD Screen



Model #MRX1

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A marine head unit that can do it all! Compact, powerful, beautiful, and will stand up to the rigorous punishment that all marine and off-road head unit go through.

This powerful receiver features all the functions you need like BT, RCA outputs including subwoofer, USB linking and charging with remaining waterproof!

This is the key to enjoying loud music with the highest quality for your boat, atv, or any vehicle that may see the water frequently.

The MRX1 is DS18's NEW all in one marine head unit that does it all!

  • V4.2 Bluetooth pairing functions so you can play music direct from your phone or any BT source.
  • It comes precise sound settings options that let's you control the bass, treble, balance, fade, EQ, loudness, and Subwoofer crossover with ease.
  • We have Included preset EQ options that give you a better sound for your selected music preference that include Flat, POP, Rock, Classical, and EQ can be turned off all together.
  • There is an easy to read LCD display with RGB keys so you can use the color that's easiest to read, to set your mood of the day, or color scheme!
  • Also provided is CT sync that allows for settings like time be adjusted by over the air radio frequencies.
  • The USB can transfer music along with charging your chosen device at the rate of 2a.
  • The MRX1's sound output cant be matched because we have made this unit to use 4v pre amp outputs so you can expect the highest quality sound with the voltage to push it.
  • The MRX1 has 3 outputs to accommodate fully applied systems easily with front, rear, and sub high quality outputs.
  • The IP65 waterproof rating will help you stay confident while using the headunit in harsh and wet terrain without failure.
  • This radio has an amazing power output. With a 4 ohm load you will get 4x15 watts rms and 2 ohm load you will get 4x20 watts rms which is enough to push most entry level speakers. (Amps will be required to install tower speakers and subs)
Enjoy all your favorite AM/FM stations with our wideband AM/FM receiver that is also selectable under source controls.

  • AM/FM Antenna Yes
  • Audio Input(L+R) Yes
  • USB For Music and Charging Yes, Charging 2A
  • Wired Remote Input Yes
  • Outputs- Rear Chassis
  • Speaker Power Plug Yes,Molex Plug 12pin Water Resistant
  • Audio Output Front (L+R) Yes
  • Audio Output Rear (L+R) Yes
  • Subwoofer Output RCA Yes
  • Sub out low pass filter Yes, 80/120/160Hz, Gain 0-12
  • Media Playback
  • USB (64G Memory) Yes
  • Bluetooth v4.2 Yes
  • BT Streaming ID3 Tag info Yes
  • Other Features
  • Operating Voltage 12V
  • Preamp Output 4V RMS Differential
  • LCD Display type Negative VA
  • Backlight Yes
  • IR Remote No
  • Low Battery Beep Yes
  • EEPROM Yes
  • Conformal Coating Yes
  • IPX Rating IPX 6
  • UV Resistance Yes
  • Salt Spary Resistance Yes

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Who Is DS18?

DS18 is a company that is based in Miami, Florida, USA. The company specializes in manufacturing high-quality electronics used in different industries such as the marine, home electronics, and automotive industries. Today, DS18 is considered the leading manufacturer of sound system equipment in the market.

Wide Range Of Audio Products

DS18 was developed and created by a group of young and passionate professionals who have a deep understanding of the needs of the audio industry. The company offers a wide range of products from speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, midranges, tweeters, cables, accessories, component sets, and more. Over the years, DS18 has met the demands of many audiophiles around the world.

Well-Designed Products

The company has never stopped innovating its product offering by providing a unique and progressive product design that adapts to the ever-changing trend of the automotive industry. By getting their customer’s feedback, they can constantly improve their products which help them create the best sound system in the market today.

DS18 has revolutionized the market by offering trendy products that people love. Through constant research and development, DS18 was able to deliver the most outstanding products technology can offer. 

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