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JVC Bluetooth Digital Media Receiver

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Model #KD-X270BT

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Digital Media Receiver featuring Bluetooth / USB / 13-Band EQ / JVC Remote App Compatibility

Audio Streaming & Control (A2DP, AVRCP)

With built-in Bluetooth audio, you can listen to and control songs stored on your iPhone or Android smartphone ? all wirelessly. Extra high-quality playback can also be achieved with FLAC compatibility that allows digital audio to be compressed in a lossless format. In addition to repeat and random playback of music files, you can also easily search for songs using the browsing function. Just look for and choose the song you want to hear from the folder name and song name lists.

JVC Streaming DJ

Connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, allowing you and your friends to take turns streaming music like a DJ. Move to the groove and get the party pumping to the max.

2 Phones Full-Time Connection:

You can connect two phones full time via Bluetooth, with secure and simple pairing. Calls to either phone can be received by a push of a key on the receiver.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile 1.7

HFP 1.7 Wideband Speech is supported, allowing you to enjoy hands-free phoning convenience together with higher voice quality and improved noise reduction.

Low Battery Information

When the battery of the connected Bluetooth device runs low, a beep sound is heard and ?LOW BATTERY? appears on the receiver.

Music Sync. Effect
br>Changes illumination patterns according to the rhythm of the music.

Spanish Text Display Compatible

On-screen display menu now available in Spanish.

Pandora / Spotify Control (Android)

Listen to Pandora and Spotify from your smartphone with smooth control on the receiver via Bluetooth for Android devices.

High Current 1.5A Charging

Rapidly charge your smartphone using the USB port, with up to a maximum of 1.5A.

K2 Technology for Enhanced Digital Sound Quality:

K2 is a JVC original technology that reproduces the original master sound by expanding the frequency range. For example, K2 will expand the digital data of the audio CD recorded at 44.1kHz to 192 kHz. It is also possible to recreate the high-frequency range above 20kHz that is cut during the CD formatting.

Time Alignment:

By selecting the speaker type and the distance to the center of the listening position, the receiver will automatically adjust the timing of the sound output from each of the speakers so that the sound from each of the speakers will arrive exactly at the same time to the listening position.

Space Enhancement:

Space Enhancement is a virtual surround technology using 2 speakers. Simply select the vehicle size, and the receiver automatically adjusts the sound effectively.

Sound Response:

Cancels time distortion to create clearer sound during the playback of compressed audio files.

Sound Lift:

Virtually manipulate the height of the speakers by adjusting the sound frequencies.

Volume Link EQ:

Volume Link EQ boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal to compensate for the impact of road noise. It boosts frequencies in the music that are affected by road noise.

13-Band Equalizer:

Use the 13-Band Equalizer to manually adjust the sound to your taste.

Remote Control App (Android):

Control the receiver's source directly from the smartphone using simple finger gestures with "JVC Remote" app* (now available for both iOS and Android). You can even customize your audio setting, and see detailed source information such as song title, artist name and album art etc. from the smartphone.

Short Body:

The reduced depth of the chassis contributes to a weight reduction and facilitates easier installation.

Remote Control (Optional):

Remote control (RM-RK258) is optionally available.

Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready:

Factory steering wheel control functions can be retained with a third-party adapter (sold separately).

Technical Specifications:

  • Display:
    • Display Type: VA LCD Display
    • LCD Color: White
    • Key Color: Red
    • Music Sync. Effect: Yes
    • Spanish Text Display Compatible: Yes
    • Auto Dimmer: Yes
    • Brightness Control: Yes
  • Media Playback:
    • MP3 Compatible with Tag: USB
    • WMA Compatible with Tag: USB
    • WAV Compatible with Tag: USB
    • FLAC Compatible with Tag: USB( Up to 96kHz/24bit )
  • Bluetooth Control:
    • Built-in Bluetooth[1]: Yes (Version 4.2, Wired-Mic included)
    • Hands Free Call: Yes (HFP1.7.1)
    • 2 Phones Full-Time Connection: Yes
    • Audio Streaming & Control (A2DP, AVRCP): Yes (AVRCP 1.6.1)
    • Supported Audio Formats: AAC / SBC
    • 5 BT-Audio Connection [JVC Streaming DJ]: Yes
    • Voice Dialing (voice recognition compatible mobile phone required): Yes
    • Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP): Yes
    • Low Battery Information: Yes
  • Android Control:
    • Android Music Playback: Yes (via Bluetooth(R))
    • Spotify Control: Yes (via Bluetooth(R))
    • Pandora Control:(Available in countries that support this service.) Yes (via Bluetooth(R))
  • USB:
    • Position: Front
    • USB Power Supply: Yes (1.5A)
    • Drive Change Mode for Mass Storage Class: Yes
  • Inputs and Outputs:
    • AUX Input: 1 (Front)
    • Line Output Terminals (Pair): 1 Pair (Rear/Subwoofer Selectable) Pre-output Level/Impedance: 2.5V
    • Subwoofer Output with Level/Frequency Control: Yes (Level -50 to +10)
    • Subwoofer Output Level: 2.5V
  • Tuner:
    • Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS): Yes
    • Preset Stations: 18FM + 6AM
    • Strong Station Memory (for FM): Yes
    • Tuner Preset Memory (for power disconnection): Yes
    • FM Frequency Range: 87.9-107.9MHz
    • AM Frequency Range: 530-1,700kHz
  • Audio:
    • Maximum Power Output: 50W x 4 / 50W x 2 +Subwoofer (4 ohms) 50W x 1
    • Full Bandwidth Power (at less than 1%THD): 22W x 4
    • Subwoofer Direct Connection (Mono Lch): Yes
    • EQ: Yes (13-Band Graphic EQ)
      • Preset EQ: Yes (11-Preset)
    • Bass Boost: Yes
    • Loudness Control: Yes
    • High-Pass Filter/Low-Pass Filter: Yes/Yes
    • K2 Technology: Yes
    • Time Alignment: Yes
    • Space Enhancement: Yes
    • Sound Response: Yes
    • Sound Lift: Yes
    • Volume Link EQ: Yes
  • General:
    • Shallow Chassis: Yes
    • Back Up Memory: Yes
    • Detachable Face Panel: Yes
    • Wireless Remote Control: Ready (RM-RK258 required)
    • Steering Remote Control Ready: Yes
    • Remote Control Application: Yes (Android Only)
    • Dimensions (W x H x D)
      • Installation Size: 7-3/16" x 2-1/8" x 3-15/16" (182 x 53 x 100mm)
      • Weight: 1.3 lbs. (0.6kg)
      • Unit weight in individual package: 2.0 lbs. (0.9kg)

Proposition 65

/!\ warningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


JVC provides a diverse selection of products, ranging from high-definition earphones to wireless deep bass headphones. JVC's wireless and true wireless models are well-known for their sleek modern design and superior sound quality. JVC has a model for everyone, from the music enthusiast to the international traveler. They offer a variety of vibrant car stereo models to suit every taste.

Today, JVC continues its tradition of innovation, exemplified by our D-ILA high definition projectors, which incorporate specialized JVC imaging chips, and their Everio camcorders, which were the world's first hard drive camcorders. JVC's superior technology extends well beyond the consumer market. Their D-ILA projection systems are used in the world's most advanced cockpit and control tower simulation systems, which are used by major airlines and the United States military. JVC ProHD cameras and professional monitors are widely used throughout the world in broadcast and network television facilities.


JVC was founded in Yokohama, Japan in 1927 as the Japanese subsidiary of the Victor Talking Machine Company of the United States. They began as a manufacturer of phonographs and also pressed the first records in Japan, enabling customers to offer a unique combination of hardware and software production capabilities. Following that, as evidenced by the world's first VHS video deck in 1976, which eventually became the global standard for consumer video and spawned an entirely new cultural phenomenon based on visual communication. JVC evolved into a technological innovator in the audio/video industry, developing new products that are a step ahead of the competition for a global audience.

Kenjiro Takayanagi, the "father of television" for successfully projecting an image onto a cathode ray tube in 1926, joined JVC following World War II. He was instrumental in the commercialization of color televisions and the development of the two-head helical scan system that later served as the basis for videotape recorders. JVC began. The invention of the 45/45 stereo record system, as well as advancements in two-head helical scan videotape recorders and four-channel audio systems, were all considered breakthroughs. JVC continued to innovate in video with the introduction of the world's first single-unit video camera/recorder in 1984 and the world's first pocket-sized digital video camcorder in 1995.


The JVC product line includes handheld camcorders, 4K camcorders, shoulder mount camcorders, studio cameras, PTZ cameras, studio monitors, field monitors, industrial monitors, large format LCD displays, DLP projectors, simulation projectors, special imaging projectors, Blu-ray recorders, headphones, car entertainment, car amplifiers, and many more accessories.


Vivid Racing includes a wide collection of JVC products, which include different types of car entertainment, such as a double DIN receiver with built-in Alexa, a double DIN receiver featuring Bluetooth, and a multimedia receiver system.

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