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How Do I Protect My Car's Paint?

With paint protection films (aka clear bra), you have a valuable defense against nicks, scratches and minor abrasions that may give your pride and joy an unsightly look. They are transparent film made of durable, waterproof and weatherproof polyurethane with an adhesive backrest that adheres easily and securely to high-impact automotive surfaces, creating a barrier between painting and hardened elements. These films provide a layer of virtually invisible protection without altering the esthetics of the vehicle. Designed to ensure excellent outdoor performance, uncompromising, impact-resistant clear films withstand high temperatures, exposure to UV light, moisture and salt spray without yellowing, cracking or bubbling.

A long-lasting clear bar can be applied anywhere on the body of your car where the paint is most vulnerable to damage. You can strengthen your car's front protection against stone chips, stains, acid bug splashes, tree sap, bird drops, road tar, and harsh outdoor weathering that can damage or etch the paint by applying a film to your hood or front bumper. Or you can use the film behind door handles, on rocker panels, fenders, side mirrors, or any other exposed area that needs protection. Keeping your pride and joy pristine is an easy way to keep your new look longer as well as enhance your resale value.

There is a wide range of clear car paint protection films offered by industry-leading manufacturers to provide your car's surface with a secure shield against harmful road debris. Available in many sizes to match the contours of your pride and joy, the high-quality clear film will be almost undetectable from the work of painting itself. It will provide several miles of reliable out-of-view protection for the surface below from damage without sacrificing the design or color. We carry a wide range of top-of-the-line car paint protection films to choose from to protect your vehicle's beautiful finish. Designed to deal with the rage of the road and Mother Nature, they will effectively deflect road debris from the surface of your car, keeping it in immaculate condition.

For avid car enthusiasts, their car is not only a means of transport but an outward expression of their personality. That's why it's not a necessity but a happy time to spend hours in the garage, to serve or maintain their pride and joy. Paint protection films are one of the excellent maintenance products that can often be overlooked but are still handy when it comes to preserving the showroom quality finish of your valuable investment. No matter how good your paint job is, years of extensive use and abuse will take their toll on the car's finish, leaving scars in the form of nicks, teeth, and scratches. And this is when car paint protection films come into play.

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