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Why Choose Volk Racing TE37 Sonic Wheels?

The TE37 is one of the most popular aftermarket wheels of all time, however, it wasn’t initially designed for compact cars such as the Civic or Integra. For this reason, Rays Engineering and Volk Racing created the TE37 Sonic, which features design changes which are tailored for 4-lug, compact cars. More specifically, the spokes are wider than ever before and the spoke end was moved to the end of the rim.

The TE37 Sonic was built as the new TE37 to cater the needs of high performance compact cars. It’s stronger and more rigid thanks to wider spokes and the relocation of the spoke end’s mounting exterior towards the rim. It surpasses the legendary TE37 to bring forth a new and spirited drive! For anyone who wants a set of TE37 wheels for their 4x100 lug pattern car, the TE37 Sonic is the perfect solution!


  • Timeless Six-Spoke Design
  • Mold-Form Forged single piece construction
  • 15” and 16” sizes
  • JWL+2 Spec 2
  • Designed for compact cars

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