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Why Choose TE37 Ultra Track Edition II Wheels?

As performance cars continue to get faster, larger, and heavier, there is a need for wheels which can withstand the increased loads. Cars such as the R35 GTR are very heavy and produce massive amounts of grip, which ultimately leads to massive amounts of load on the wheels. On top of the increased loads, many modern performance cars have massive OEM brakes which won’t clear most aftermarket wheels. The TE37 Ultra Track Edition II wheels are specifically designed for the aforementioned modern high-performance cars.

Built in 19” and 20” sizes, these wheels are designed for cars such as the R35 GTR and Porsche 991, plus many others. The bead is knurled, which helps keep the tire on the bead of the wheel and reduce the chance of the tire slipping on the wheel. This is an important feature to have in any high-grip or high-power car, since the increased load can easily pull the tire off the bead. The TE37 Ultra Track Edition II also features a very concave design which easily clears the large brake calipers you’ll find on many modern high-performance cars.


  • Elegant 6 Spoke Design
  • Forged aluminum single piece construction
  • 19” - 20" sizes
  • JWL+2 Spec 2
  • Lightweight and strong
  • No center caps for reduced weight
  • Diamond Dark Gunmetal paint
  • Features a machined Logo in the spokes and valve
  • Knurled bead

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