Volk Racing

The VOLK RACING wheel brand represents the benchmark for forged sport wheels that leverage racing technology. The lightness and strength of Volk wheels have been attained by applying the latest analytic technologies. 

Using the clean silhouette and lack of ostentation of its Volk Racing wheels as a weapon, Ray’s envisions to fit them on all high-performance cars throughout the world.

Volk Racing is the gold standard of high-end forged wheels. They're well known for being incredibly lightweight and extremely strong, thanks to their unique forging process. Their mold-form forging process works by creating the shape of the wheel during the forging process, which allows the grain of the metal to flow with the shape of the wheel. The end result is a wheel that has much greater strength.

Volk Racing Wheels are used by race teams from Nissan, Honda, Toyota, and Mazda in iconic events like Super GT, Japanese Touring Car Championship (JTCC), British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), Formula Nippon, Formula D and Formula One. They are also widely used by enthusiasts and grassroots racers all over the world.

Volk TE37 SL

In the world of aftermarket racing rims, perhaps the most popular is the Volk TE37. 

You can say that the simplistic, iconic 6-spoke design is responsible for its popularity. But, no. 

The truth is, the TE37 is famous because of how it is constructed. A lot of wheels are cast. A handful are machine forged. But the TE37 is formed using a unique method called mold-form forging. Technically, mold-form forging process creates the shape of the wheel during the forging process. By creating the shape of the wheel during the forging process, the grain of the metal flows with the shape of the wheel, resulting in much greater strength.

The TE37 was already an incredibly strong wheel, to begin with. The Super Lap (SL) edition improves on that by shedding even more weight without sacrificing the stiffness these wheels are known for. The result is a lighter wheel which means less un-sprung weight which means this wheel is made to be more track-focused than ever before.

They achieved this by shaving certain areas of the wheel, mostly at the back of the spokes and in the center. The exact weight savings depend on the size. To further separate the SL from its predecessors, Rays Engineering offers it in an exclusively distinct color thanks to advanced paint and machining processes.

A little bit of trivia: did you know that the original TE37, which was a 15” wheel, weighs only 3.7 kilograms (8.16 lbs). Hence, the “37” moniker.