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A short ram air intake (a.k.a. short air ram intake or a short ram cold air intake) can improve the performance of your vehicle by increasing its horsepower and torque. Short ram intake systems supply large volumes of air to your engine as a means of creating extra horsepower. The majority of short ram intakes come with a heat shield, which isolates the intake from the engine. This results in a reduction of the intake of warm air circulating through your engine bay. In most cases, short ram intake systems are very easy to install. They simply replace the OEM air intake with a short metal pipe and a conical air filter inside the engine bay. Short ram intake kits make your engine compartment look like it’s race-ready.

Short ram intakes look to increase power by reducing the amount of restriction on the intake air. In many vehicles, the intake air passes through a resonator and silencer box to help reduce induction noise. This restriction can limit airflow. A short ram works to eliminate the resonator and filter box, giving the air a short travel distance and thus increasing power. To summarize, the SRI is pulling air from the engine bay, thus the intake air will be warmer than by using a cold air intake.

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Vivid Racing carries short ram air intakes for most cars and trucks. Here are just a few:

Acura Short Ram Air Intakes
BMW Short Ram Air Intakes
Cadillac Ram Air Intakes
Chevrolet Short Ram Air Intakes
Chrysler Short Ram Air Intakes
Dodge Short Ram Air Intakes
Ford Short Ram Air Intakes
Honda Short Ram Air Intakes
Infiniti Ram Air Intakes
Jeep Short Ram Air Intakes
Mazda Short Ram Air Intakes
Mitsubishi Ram Air Intakes
Mercedes Short Ram Intakes
Nissan Short Ram Intakes
Porsche Short Ram Intakes
Subaru Short Ram Air Intakes
Volkswagon Ram Air Intakes


Vivid Racing carries a wide variety of Short Ram Air Intake Systems for cars and trucks. We sell:

AEM Brute Force Air Induction Systems, Blitz Short Ram Intakes, Carbonio Short Ram Intakes, Greddy Ram Air Intakes, Gruppe Short Ram Intakes, HKS Short Ram Air Intakes, Injen Air Intakes, JWT Ram Air Intakes, K&N Short Ram Intakes, Neuspeed Short Ram Intakes, Perrin Short Ram Intakes, Rise Racing Intakes, Stillen Short Ram Air Intakes, Takeda Ram Intakes, and TurboXS Short Ram Air Intake.