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Work Wheels

Why Choose Work Wheels?

Founded by Takeshi Tanaka in 1977, Work is now a world-renowned aftermarket wheel manufacturer, best known for their quality, durability, and beautifully crafted wheels. As one of Japan's most prestigious wheel manufacturers, Work crafts high-quality 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece wheels that surpass the highest safety standards in the industry.

Work tailors the wheels you order specifically to your needs. This is important for custom builds, where fitment might be unique and not normally available. With Work wheels, you get exactly what you need for your car. Why settle for mass-produced cookie-cutter wheels and fitments when you can get something custom made for you?

Work Wheels focus heavily on the technology used in rim forming, the rim barrel in a Work wheel is what sets the alloys apart from the competition. With a strong rim, you won't have to worry about your wheel bending or breaking under heavy loads or from excessively large bumps in the road.

The rim barrel is the part of the wheel that takes most of the load of the vehicle, but the center of the wheel also experiences a significant amount of stress. Structural integrity is key to making a stronger and lighter wheel, and that's something Work wheels does very well.

Fitments for Anything

Work is one of the best, highest quality aftermarket wheel manufacturers in the world in any category you can think of. Most importantly, their ability to create a wheel for nearly any application with any kind of fitment makes them ideal for enthusiasts who want the perfect stance for their car.

Work launched their first line of wheels in 1997 called WORK Equip. These wheels are still manufactured today due to popular demand. Work has garnered a solid global reputation as the leading manufacturer of one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece forged wheels.

It adopted an "on-demand system" so they can manufacture wheels upon request of their customers and corporate clients. Which means that if you order wheels for your car, your set will be pretty much bespoke. Some of Work's biggest corporate clientele include Dunlop, Falken, TOYO Tires, and Toyota Modellista International just to mention a few.

Using advanced engineering and automotive manufacturing technology, Work Wheels managed to create a series of wheels that offer stunning designs in extensive varieties of fitments. This expansive selection allows you to choose fitments ranging from standard to aggressive depending on your taste.

Popular Work Wheels

Work Wheels are best known for their industry-leading 2-piece and 3-piece options. Their products are designed for both motorsport and street applications. The company is globally renowned for its WORK Equip and WORK Meister range of wheels. Equip was the company's first ever product lineup and, over 40 years later, is still producing the popular wheels today, mainly for period-correct vehicles.

The Meister series, however, is now the most sought-after line boasting more modern-day styling. Inspiration for the Meister brand was born from the concept of a sports wheel with a racing pedigree that could be used on both the street and the track; it was also Tanaka-San's personal favorite.

Work Emotion is another product line from the several variations that exist within the company. Emotion wheels have become increasingly popular throughout the years, as they offer reasonably-priced 1-piece models such as the CR Kiwami, all the way to 3-piece wheels like the CR3P.

The Gnosis series features a two-piece construction with a design concept that is focused on incorporating classic styling with bold and aggressive features, like sharper spoke edges and a redesigned lip flange.

The other models are also incredibly popular in drifting, stance, and show cars. Choose from a myriad of designs from the entire Work Wheel line and other wheel accessories to match them. We carry Work Meister, Seeker, Zistance, Equip, Emotion, Schwert, Gnosis, and more.